Stalker vs stalker

The trouble I have figuring these things out is that once I start reading one itl sounds appropriate for a rabbit.
Or maybe a particularly disapproving cat.
And then I can't get past that image.
I'd make a lousy FBI profiler.

Speaking of disapproving cats, the babyboy hissed madly at me this morning.
Maybe he was trying to forget that last night he let me pat him, and melted all over my knees purring, and teethed on my finger, and let me rub his belly.
But I'm not forgetting, and that hiss doesn't fool me at all.
Pictures to follow soon, I hope.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Awww! He'll be owning the house before long. Might as well make extra space above your pillow for nightime skritches.


  2. Kitteh doesn't want you to know that he's already liking you lots but doesn't want to be completely vuhlnerabuls(that's my theory at least)


  3. He had to show what a "tuffy" he is!


  4. Pix!! Yay!! Can't wait!


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