Can you ever have too many cats?

Or rather, do we need another cat?
Or this particular cat.

One of Sair's ballet teachers does cat fostering.
Today in class she told Sair that she has a kitty at home.
The little guy is about six months old, a feral rescue, and she's had him at her place to socialize him.
And now he's social.
What I know about him is that he is black and white with a moustache.
Black and white kitties are a family favorite.

Could be anything.
Or even like this maybe.

He could be really, really cute.
Who am I kidding.
I know he will be damn cute, and once I see him the game will be pretty much over.
I am such a sucker for kitters.

She wants to find him a home now, rather than send him back to the shelter, and back into a kennel.
— It's a no kill place, but he might have to wait a while, back in the kennel, in all the chaos.
She says he's all gratitude and happiness at being home with her, and she can't stand to send him back, but she really is at her kitty limit.

He's got the recovering feral thing of liking other kitties, and is flirting like mad with her guys.
And we did discover, with Wolfie, that our guys aren't all that adverse to new kitties, if the new guys have good cat manners.

But we do already have a really, really cute recovering feral.
Wolfie is a wonderful kitty, but it's a bit high maintenance having a cat who is as easily spooked as he is.
Our cat sitter has only ever seen him from a distance.

I'm sure Wolfie would love another guy around — there're all these crabby old cats, and he wants to WRESTLE and PLAY, and they just aren't having any.
But will they just go off and be wild young boys and never come home and cuddle?

I have to phone her tomorrow and either arrange to see him, or let it pass.
I hate decisions.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. Yay, a kitten for the kitten for the kitten for the….. The only problem is the day you get THE cat that's too many and there is too much fighting or one of your old ones gets upset and wants to move out…. it's a really really hard problem to solve to everybody's satisfaction.


  2. awwwww….now Lauo is having a kitty! Congrats! You sly old dog, you! Wait til YGRS finds out! (the bearded cat- hilarious!)


  3. Oh stop jabbering on about it…….hee, hee!
    Be sure to share pics!!!
    I'm so happy for you! No more pouting about no kittenzez.
    Oh I saw a beer bottle with a label that said something about Hen Cat…?
    I'll try to find a pic for you.


  4. Ooooh! Can we have him, please????? (grabby hands). Please let's bring him home! (I live vicariously through other people's kittehs, and I, too, am a sucker for tuxxie kittehs!)


  5. That's my worry too, of course.But our current lot really are an unusually staid and indeed even cranky lot of cats.Except for Wolfie, who is a normally bouncy little guy, surrounded by all these unbounce-able grouches.Seriously, he fits in with them as well as they will let him, which means very occasional nose sniffs, and nothing more.The current age profile is 15, 13, unknown, but probably at least 10, maybe more, and almost two.I'd hoped he'd make a buddy in the neighborhood, but the only good candidate doesn't seem to be fixed, and so has other fish to fry.


  6. Wow. Although I lament it, I guess it is easier to simply have a "no more cats" rule. How could you resist?


  7. oooooooooooo kitties. Yes, that's a tough decision. Really. (*whispers*: Get the baby kitty!!!!!)


  8. You know you want him. You iz pwned.


  9. Dis wuz 3 days ago! Wut's happinin now???Can lauo has cowkitty?


  10. Cow kitty is being visited tonight.We shall see — but I am bringing the car carrier.


  11. I can't find the Hen Cat bottle photo again. I know I saw it in Google images. Weird. Hopefully I will come across it by accident again someday.Good thoughts going out to you and your new kitter. I've had 2 b/w cats. Both female. Shamu & Picabo. Both wonderful, but different. Looking forward to updates!


  12. congrats on your new kitty! this is so exciting. :)at the Miao House we definitely have a no-more-cats rule, for obvious reasons. (space and logistics are one reason, but the main one is Tantra. we don't want him to morph permanently into Tantroll).


  13. So far there is mellowness.There have been footsies under the door.There have been full cat views through the door – with me sitting in the middle.There will be no cat-to-cat until we manage to get the leukemia testing done.(Not likely, but must be ruled out, because even the vaccine is not 100% protection.)


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