Time to reorganize

When I saw all the nifty new datebooks everyone else has, i realized that this poor thing has been working way past its retirement date:

The final straw was that the little pen-holding loup just came off.
I think I've been using it for about seven years, so it's had a good run.

I've had the replacement in hand for a few weeks.
It turned up at the thrift store for $.99, so I think it's fate.

I wish it were a brighter color though, since these things have a habit of burrowing into the bottoms of bags.
That's why the last one was red.
And I think I don't want to know what this is made of.
If it really annoys me, I may have to go out and find one I like more.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. Man, jest when it was getting comferbuls! You'll have to let the cats play with the new one to break it in. 🙂


  2. ooof, that is one planner that has earned its retirement.


  3. omg, this looks JUST like my old one, lw, only mine has about half that wear on it. Is yours Franklin-Covey?


  4. It was a Scully.Shades of X-files!I never noticed I had Scully's book all this time.


  5. ooooh the truth is… never mind *ahem*Listen, seriously, if you don't want to spend any money, and you are enamored of that style, you can HAVE my old one. I'll ship it to you. It's more than I need, it's got years and years of use left in it, it's clean. I'll take pics and send you if you want.


  6. p.s. it's cherry red leather.


  7. I know how hard it is to part with an old friend and I hope the new one will treat you well.


  8. And I just got everything moved into this one….Really, it's okay.I'm a little dubious about the patterning on the leather, but probably I will get used to it.And I think I like a snap rather than the zipper.Cherry red, though.


  9. I rather like the new one – just think – if it is made of what you're worried about then it would be a farmed critter, not a wild one – so it wouldn't be endangering any wild populations. I figure if I've eaten it then wearing it is ok (i.e. I don't wear fur but I do wear leather) and I've eaten crocodile. So it's not so different to eating beef and wearing leather really. Plus if it is croc then it really has got a snap rather than a zipper! (Sorry – couldn't resist)


  10. HAHAA! "snap" You're quick!lw, the zipper was a pain.


  11. (weeps) Not you too, Lauo. The organizer, the thing, the datebook…Blimey…


  12. I have to have something like this.In a regular week, Sarah takes:five scheduled ballet classesanother four (optional) adult level classesone Pilates sessionwinds orchestra meetingchamber orchestra meetingflute lessonpiano lessonthree meetings with her math tutortwo meetings with her writing person.And periodically there are things like dentists to fit in amongst all this.And come October Nutcracker rehearsals, and then shows.Or, new this year, SAT tests, and college application deadlines. I don't ever think about adding anything without pulling out the book.Next year I plan to do nothing at all.


  13. Yes. Life. Ay carumba.


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