Because after the Apocalypse

Ballet will be performed in vacant lots and building sites:

So we thought we'd make a switch from Berkies.

Actually, the theme of the Solano Stroll was "Going Green" and they didn't have enough green tutus.
They do actually dance too, not just go march in parades….

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  1. As long as it's performed, it will be a civilized world.


  2. I lof the shoesies!!!!!!!! How could I not? They're green!I used to have a pair of red ones just like those.


  3. She has red ones.We had to hussle out and find green ones for the parade.We got green hair spray too, but she chickened out.The trouble is that all the other — uh — lively kids graduated last year, and the other kids that are left are a more sober (boring) lot.So I guess no mostaches on the snow corps either….


  4. HAHA! Those chicks are cool. (I knew Jaypo would get a kick outta this)


  5. Wouldn't that green hair spray work the tutu? or think it would stain? Maybe not up top, but the skirt part(?) –just a thought. I hope you get a clip for us.
    Oh! I signed Tony up for "band" this year. He wanted a clarinet, but I don't have the $ right now. They have a baritone they told me he could use. I don't have a clue what it looks like. Getting ready to search it. ha!


  6. They would probably kill her if she got anything on a tutu.(Plenty more dancers, not so many tutus.)Band should be lots of fun.It's good that they have a donor for him to start on, baritone or not.And clarinets sounds gorgeous.Have you called around to music stores?Sometimes they have deals for students.Sarah's first flute was rent-to-own.Instead of paying off a big lump (or what looked big then, sigh) of around $250-300, it was something like $20 a month to rent, and if we decided to keep it, they counted the rent towards the payment.We did, and they did.


  7. The cheapest I've seen is $99 (thank God it's not $100, huh?) for the school year, but they want it in a lump sum. My daughter might be able to find one for me cheaper at one of the pawn shops.


  8. Oh that $1 makes all the difference.Pooey.


  9. This is too much. Green High tops no less. She looks beautiful either way.


  10. I wanna see the expressions on the construction worker's faces. The ones just out of photo range there in the background. Just before they fell off the steel beams…..


  11. Hee! Beautiful girl!I love the high tops, too!


  12. Pimping the chucks…


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