It was the evil demon rumses that did it

What I meant to post
(And on my laptop it looks right)
Was this:

Now if the ship will just stop heaving, so will I.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. …crawls baaaaack over to the puter desk…tries to pull self up from floor by using the puter chair….chair spins out of control and rolls out of reach…mumbles and grumbles and fusses at chair, "Who needs you anyway, you stoooopit chair!!"…..Reaches up and turns monitor on its side. 8) no i see it!


  2. heh I just turned my head sideways. Lucky I can hold my likker. I hold it in my hands and pass the bottle around real quick. It's when I actually drink my likker then I gots da problims.


  3. Not too good wearing it either, though that seems to happen too.


  4. *burp* Howz I spose to hold da garsh darn bottle and tern de dang gone moneeter, too? *hic*


  5. Wolfie! I wubs teh Wolfie! Wolfie winz teh muzzelpowch prize!(Great line there, Lauo, about you and the ship heaving – wink, tch.)


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