I found the other half of the kitteh!


And here is the fully assembled Wolfgang PussyCat, the Siamese Pimpernel (We seek him here, we seek him there):

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Bravo!!!! HEY, how much rum did you drink before taking that last picture? (tilts head and falls out of the chair onto the floor) OOOoooh, that much?


  2. wow, those eyes!


  3. Oops. I will try to rotate.The cat, that is.I mean, the picture of the cat.


  4. Oh, don't bother! Really! I see it okay, now. Where's mah pillar?


  5. Hahahaha! You guyses are funny! Drink enough rum and it ALL looks good!This kitty is one beautiful guy!!!I LOVE that color, in any direction!


  6. A cat that walks up walls. That's cool… and I didn't have nuffing to drink 'cept milk. Maybe the cowses had some rum tho…


  7. Spidercat, Spidercat.Does whatever a Spidercat can.Can he climb walls,Yes, he's a cat!


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