And here is the other (former) kitten for YGRS

She specified two, so here is some more of my inspired cat photography:

TortieCat is not amused by my pitiful attempts to attract her attention while I am holding a camera.
Second attempt I became sneakier, turning on the camera in the other room, and approaching her first with pats.

I will surely pay for this indignity later, because she is a ruthless hairball hacker.

And, because I must keep up with the Joneses, whoever they are, I too will submit a gratuitous supplementary photograph:

Henrietta, Queen of the Universe, with yellow catnip banana.
She is, of course, asleep.
Most of my good pictures of the cats show them sleeping.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooookay,,,,,,,, Getting a lil dizzy here!!!
    Well worth the knot on my head from falling out of my chair. They're soooo pretty. Make sure Ygrs gets this post or you'll be in trouble. I'm skeert to see what pyrit comes up with…meep!


  2. I need to get over to YGRS and see what the kitty pic posts is all about!Your kits are gorgeous! I can hear tortie cat schnorin' away until you so ruuuudely disturbed her! ;)Aaaawwwww, a catnip banana!! Givin' it a hug! Heeee!


  3. NoOoOoOoOoO, Lauri!!! You'll be having to post kitty pics, too! Haha!


  4. YAY!!! kittiez for MEEEEE! — I had to come check this out before I leave work for the weekend.&:o)Thank you!! They're beautiful girls!!I love torties — my Tic Tac was a beautiful Tortie ( though not as "full figured" as your beautiful Tortie is. . . &:o)And I can certainly see WHY Hencat is the Queen Of The Universe. Even has a catnip banana as her royal sceptor. . .Don't you love how some kitties DO hate their picture being taken??? sheesh. . yay! If I knew I could FORCE people into posting kitty pictures just for ME, I'd do it more often!&:o)thanks lauowolf!


  5. LOVE that tortie face.Looks just like the one that gives me that exact same expression.It's mighty nice of tortie to let Hencat think she's QotU.


  6. Hencat is Queen of the Universe.Silmi walks in circles around her to avoid stepping within range of her regal aura.Only Kitten is brash enough to do things like sniff at her, but he is clearly young and foolish, so she (mostly) withholds the Paw of Doom.


  7. Bows respectfully to teh dear lovely ladies. May I dare present my meager offering of a fresh bouquet of catnip sprigs, feathers, fish fins and mice tails tied with yarn? Oh do not go to the trouble of getting up; here, I'll leave it down right there and just be on my way. Don't mind me. As you were.


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