Late to the Party, but Cheers!

Though I scrambled off to set up a Vox account on September 8th, I took my time about posting anything on it.
But it's still the anniversary.
So here's to the Megs and Vox and all the Peeps, especially the bolder types who moved in early and started voxing straight off, brave souls.

Here's my own tardy entrance, when I finally decided to quit dawdling around and jump in.

  • Feb 2, 2007 at 5:55 PM

Well yeee haw.
Now I've done it,
I've finally done it.
Flashes of Charlton Heston on the beach.
But it's not really that bad.

So here it is.
My very first, official very own blogging on my very own blog.
Guess I have to turn in my Luddite League badge at last.
— Or can I wait until I get the new DVD set-up programmed so I don't need three (THREE) remotes to work it?
It is always something.

I have a conflicted relationship with technology, in any case.
I started out working on campus using UNIX in, like 1980.
But mostly I've always only just learned enough to do what I needed to do, without really understanding things.
And, damn, here I am, twenty-odd years later, still carefully standing just behind the learning curve.
Le Sigh.

So, why doesn't Vox like Safari?
I dunno.
Why should I have to have another browser?
Well, why not.
The more the merrier.
At least I don't still have OS9 and OS10 on the laptop.

Anyway, I have been contemplating technology lately.
I was cleaning house (ha) and unearthed a slide rule.
No, this says nothing about my housekeeping skills.
It was sensibly and neatly packed in with the art supplies.
Anyway, I was thinking about slide rules, and correcting selectric typewriters.
And I'm sure there are lots of other examples.
things are little pinnacles of technology that solve a problem
beautifully, only to have the whole issue resolved differently.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. Huzza! Clink.I wasn't on Vox a year ago but I remember your comments on CO a year ago. And I remember when you picked the contemplative eggspression for your avatar.You're a great Vox neighbor.Cheers.


  2. Happy Voxiversary to You!I gotta wait another two weeks for my Voxiversary. Thank you, GoFugYourself, for the invite.And I have found such lovely people on Vox, and vids and music and books – Vox Rocks!


  3. Happy Voxiversary to one of my old chums, LW! I remember your CO comments from way back. (I don't get there much anymore.)


  4. happy Voxiversary Lauowolf!
    I don't comment much over on CO anymore but I look a few times a week still! But I do remember most of the Vox COers from there. I mean, why else would I have jumped on the bandwagon if not to hang out with you all? 🙂


  5. Happy Voxiversary, Lauo!
    Love your post about sliderules and such! (sliderules always completely baffled me. maybe they also baffled the people who invented computers so that we wouldn't have to use sliderules anymore, and that's why computers were born????) 😉


  6. Happy Voxiversary!!
    A toast to you!
    Many more bottles to go!


  7. 99 bottles….!


  8. 99 bottles of rum in the 'hood,
    99 bottles of rum,
    if one of those bottles gets lost in the woods,
    how many bottles of rum in the 'hood?


  9. Gotta go over to YGRS's Vox.We moved the celebrations over there,But Pyrit's hogging all the rum bottles.Helps us, Obi Wan Carlisa!You're our lastest hope.


  10. Time sure flies. When I first started this account I was just going to use it for posting movie stuff and old concert notes – but it soon turned into more than that.Happy Anniversary!


  11. I keep meaning to mention that I'm a total cheater. I set up my account on Sept. 8, too, but it was months before I started transferring my Blogger stuff over here and posting here. Don't tell, huh?


  12. Oh gosh! I missed your vox anniversary! Hope the party was fun. And..of course, belated wishes. : )


  13. Meg brought allot of folks to Vox. See how much changes in a year. I am glad you came and always happy to visit with you.


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