What he said….

This from Dewi CasGwent's vox —
Go check out danielschallau's vox.

And consider me squeeeing.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. I tried going to both of these pages and always wind up back here. duh


  2. Me no can dood eet needer! 😦


  3. Hmmm.I clicked the link on Dewi's page and got there.Maybe try a search?It is worth it.


  4. lw, how come yr blog is all white now? did you decide to be plain for awhile?going to check dcG's now…


  5. Hmmm.I didn't do anything.Hey, somebody swiped my banner!Help! I been pirated!


  6. Did you make your banner image visible to all?


  7. YAYYYYY, colorrrrrr!!!!


  8. There, that's better.I have no idea what that was all about.


  9. Oops! As I have been saying a lot lately…Vox works in mysterious ways 😛 😉


  10. Duh???! Sheesh! Instead of dropping the "'s" and adding the www. and.com…I copy/paste it just as you had it. Then I went to Dewi's page thinking that was it.
    Great artist! I wanted to comment, but he looked so busy! Love the detail. I'm very fond of sketches. Thanks lauo!


  11. Danielschallau who knows where he’s ended up.


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