In which, against all odds, we successfully rendezvous in SF

There was a rumor afoot that AmyH would put in a rare SF appearance.
Immediately the evil hand of fate set to work to complicate things.
The first move came as a complete surprise (the fiends).

From the  Chronicle:
Bay Bridge closure could hamper Labor Day events
FRANCISCO—A scheduled three-day closure of the San Francisco-Oakland
Bay Bridge could undermine attendance at several high-profile events
planned for the long holiday weekend.
Like us getting together.
They said they were repairing the bridge, but how likely is that?
So here is some of the random construction weirdness they were doing to try to confuzzle us.

Well, I don't believe it for a minute.

LT was, of course, valiant and unstoppable, and just BARTed across on Friday.
We were having blizzards of paperwork, a court date, and house guests, because of the well-known phenomenon that All Things Must Happen at the Same Time.
My tenant got into the act as well, setting up a meeting of us both with her sublet person for Sunday afternoon (another example of ATMHST).
Despite all this, we managed to arrange a meeting.

We headed off to catch the Oakland/Alameda ferry, which the website assured me was running on the summer weekend schedule over the Labor Day holiday.
Because of meeting the new tenant, we missed the 4:00 ferry, but there would be a ferry at 5:45, getting us to Pier 41 a little after 6.
We got there about 5:15, and, of course, there on the wall of the ferry building was an updated schedule telling us they had added even more ferries, because of the bridge closing, so there would be one every hour on the hour.
Okay, 6:00 then, instead of 5:45, still not too bad.
So we waited.
No 5:45 ferry. No 6:00 ferry.
At 6:40 we wandered off to find a phone booth, with a phone in it, because we are apparently the last people in the world without cell phones.
Well, that was doomed — phone booths without phones, but no phones anywhere.
Finally a nice clerk in the Barnes and Noble let us use his personal cell phone, and we reached AmyH to rearrange the rendezvous for the Embarcadero BART, whenever we could get there.
So we ransomed our car and took off for a BART station with parking
Here is the ferry not arriving as we searched for a phone.
This is at Jack London Square, which is actually about two blocks from the ferry, just so you can't get a coffee or something while you wait for an hour and a half for a ferry that doesn't come.
Because you don't know for sure that it isn't coming, and you couldn't be sure it wouldn't.
Not that I'm bitter, or anything.
Note the clear, empty water, out in the main channel, where there should be a boat:

Here is the sun pretty much setting as we wait for the BART.

Sarah getting slightly rambunctious, and Tom. with coffee, looking skeptical at the nine minutes to next train sign.

So we got to the city fairly late, after 8 instead of after 6.
Thinking about it now, I suspect we should have had AmyH BART over to us, and we could have explored College Avenue — because things were still sort of hopping over there even when we got back after midnight, but the Ferry building was trying to roll up its sidewalks on us.
Still it was lovely down by the Bay — the bridge was all lit up, and a little eerie with no cars on it.
The moon was great.
And the DAMN FERRIES came and went seemingly in dozens, just to mock us.
But we had upscale diner food, and got coffee and deserts, and basically did okay.

Here we are heading home, harassing the Channel 5 news people who were lurking at the trolley stop.
(No, I don't know what Channel 5 was hanging around to do.)


Despite the term trolley stop, the trolleys were neither running nor stopping, so we all took off on BART, AmyH off to her hotel to continue monitoring the emergency vehicle usage patterns, and the lot of us back to Berkeley where students seemed to be wandering about in small packs looking bewildered.

So, a new thing I had not known: sheep bink when they run.
Video footage must be found.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Wheeee!!! Great pics! Glad you all finally met up!


  2. Against all odds. What a terrific outing I love your attitude. Yep it works so much better that way.


  3. Wow. That is much more involved than my going over there. I only suffered a non-airconditioned train.


  4. I always enjoy reading your posts. The situation wasn't funny, but the bits of sacasm are hilarious. I'm glad everything worked out.


  5. "ATMHST"
    Ain't that the everloving truth…


  6. Still jealous here. And happy for you all of course.Lauowolf & crew perseveres!Do you "harbor' any hard ferrylings? You've heard of road rage, how about ferry fury?Yes, what IS it with ATMHST? This has stumped me for decades. For awhile I attributed it to stop lights.


  7. Yay! I hope you guys had FUN!!!


  8. AND the pay phone thing! Been there. Argh.Deceptive, deceitful phone booths.


  9. Oh man, this is SO cool! Yes, in spite of the obstacle course set for you by Fate. You guys persevered and you DID it!!!! Hooray hooray!!!How fun for all of you! What an adorable fambly you are!That AmyH. She is EVerywhar! *Looks out my window to see if she is comin' up ma driveway*


  10. I love the pics, lw! Everyone looks so happy in spite of the interference!!


  11. it's so cool that you got to meet vox/co peeps. what fun! great pictures, too. i wish i could have been there…transportation sounds like such a nightmare!


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