block that simile!

Recently sighted malapropism.

Someone in an email was remarking on the sensitivity of birds, saying it was like the canary in the mine field.


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  1. hahaha – took me three full seconds to get that one. need more coffee? incurable senility? ah well.


  2. That is funny. So close, and yet so far…


  3. oh, it's close enough for government work. for a english/grammar nazi? off with their head!


  4. LOL, lw! Perhaps an ex-canary in a mine field.


  5. On the other hand….what bloody use would a canary be at that point?Bird flies over — it's okay, boys, I'm fine —


  6. ha! what' next, "a bull in a coffee shop"?


  7. Oh that IS hilarious! And "a bull in a coffee shop" hahahaha!!!Let's see…my BIL was once "white as a beet" before he got a suntan!


  8. I'm glad the beet simile was before the sun, anyway.Then it's just baffling rather than painful.


  9. He came up with another one, too….but I have been trying to remember it ever since. I think it was something like "flat as a doornail"….which could be ok if I only knew what a doornail was. "Flat as a dormouse"?It's going to bother me until I remember it.


  10. I did work once for an anthropologist who was a non-native speaker who had learned lovely British English in the mission in his home country in Africa, but insisted on trying to pepper his writing with colloquial Americanisms.(Well, he needed to, because he studied American society.)My absolute favorite was when he was describing life in a tough inner-city neighborhood as a doggy dog world.Which, you know, doesn't make it sound all that bad.There are days I'd like to just go live in a doggy dog world myself.


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