Okay, anyone looking for a really, really good movie?
Non-cheesy, definitely not Hollywood.
Just lovely.
The people all have real people faces.
It isn't filmed in movieland.
There's lots of music.
There's no cheap, easy choices for the plot — has anyone else noticed how damn boring most movies are?
Seriously, most Hollywood movies seem to be assembled from the same bag of little Lego pieces.
This movie doesn't use them.
Try to find it.

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14 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, goodie! Give me an actor/s so I can order it for my library.


  2. I'm gonna go up to Blockbuster's and ask for it—"ONCE". lol…yeah, Lauo…details!


  3. thanks for the heads up lauowolf. &:o)


  4. I want to see this – I've heard many, many good things about this, but I know it's gonna make me cry like a baby, so I'm waiting for the DVD.
    Jaypo: it's in theaters now, but here's the IMDB info for future reference.


  5. Thanks, mmb. We get to order pretty much anything we want in the library so when it comes out I'll be sure to get it.


  6. That does look like a good one. I miss a lot of really good movies. SpongeBob is beggining to make me ill. 😦


  7. Thanks for the recommendation!


  8. OK, found it on Netflix and plunked it in my queue. Thanks for the suggestion!


  9. I don't have a VCR and I never used my DVD Player and no longer have Blockbuster or Netflix. Could you split it and send it to me in 5 equal Rapidshare files? Kidding. I'll keep an eye out for it. I love the ordinarilly unordinary. I love regular people doing regular things in interesting and real ways. I love movies that people I like recommend because that is usually so much better than an endorsement of popular culture. Kevin will find it on the web perhaps and download it for me as a surprise. He got Sicko a few weeks before it came out. He's sneaky like that. Michael Moore said it was ok as long as we didn't show it for money.


  10. Thank you for the tip. I'll put it in my queue right away.


  11. John Carney, nut it isn't on DVD yet.


  12. Oh good! Thanks for this info, lauowolf!I'll keep my eyes peeled!DB, you are still crackin' me up. 😛


  13. Oh is it a sad movie? I dunno, it better be really good to make up for being sad. I'll put it on Netflix when we get home. Along with a comedy, just in case.
    I agree, most movies are SO boring! bleah.


  14. No, I wouldn't call it sad.And it is really good.Not on DVD yet, but I think it will be soon.


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