IdiditIdiditIdidit!!! After about 10 attempts, here it is


Can’t get video off Vox.

*Maybe* I can find it, and get it off the camera &onto the WP.

I will try, since it was very pretty.

I knew if I just kept trying eventually Vox would relent and let me post this!
(Probably the little dark chocolate sacrifice and the candle lit before the icon helped too.)
It’s entirely too long, but I hardly ever post videos, so maybe it all averages out somehow.

Here is James Galway playing with about 30 teen flautists.
(Or should I say flute players, since according to Galway he’s never played a flaut.)
His is the high sweet voice that carries up above all the others.
That’s Sair right under his video image, with the very straight flute.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. that's awesome! 🙂 Teens and music… love it. Even cooler when they have a professional playing with them like that. My kid's in jazz band and I gush everytime I hear them. Same with other kids apparently because I got all wiggly in my seat when I watched the above. I used to play the flute too, so I guess i'm a bit subjective. 🙂


  2. wow! lucky kids! james galway is a stratospheric legend. love irish music, me.


  3. that was great. glad it finally worked. Yeah


  4. My little sister and her bestest friend broke her flute during a slumber party by accident. I believe they accidentally ingested alcohol and my parents accidentally caught them with a busted flute. I am so glad kids today are better than we were,lol. I can't imagine another future with us at the helm. Kids and music are a must. I played the sax, piano, violin. All my sibs played several instruments and my mom was a singer. Very nice. MY brother went to drum camp with Buddy Rich,lol.


  5. YaY! I totally enjoyed it! I'm glad you didn't give up. I had to wait a little while because I'm on dial-up, but I just go piddle around while it loads. Well worth it! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. You've been very busy!


  7. That was wonderful! Thank you so much . Good thinking to use the dark chocolate as a sacrifice…
    You said it was a little long??? Nay, not nearly long enough. It was great.


  8. "Not nearly long enough" as in, I could have listened and listened and listened. Your video itself was perfect.


  9. what an amazing opportunity! i'm glad you could share the video – it's lovely.


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