How do you know when it’s a good day?

  Cat Survives 3 Weeks Crossing Ocean

Jul 5, 2:32 PM (ET)
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) - A cat whose owners thought was lost spent
nearly three weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean in a shipping container with
no food or water - and appears to be just fine. The voyage began after Pamela
Escamilla lost sight of her 3-year-old calico, Spice, while packing a huge
container with household goods in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.

The container was shipped June 15 to Southern California. Escamilla, 39,
and her husband couldn't find the cat before taking their flight and asked
neighbors in Hawaii to call if Spice returned. While the Escamillas feared
the worst, Spice spent 18 days in the pitch-black container without food or
water as it crossed the Pacific before arriving at the San Bernardino home
of Escamilla's parents on Tuesday.

"We really thought that cat was going to be dead," said Edward Gardner,
Escamilla's father. When Escamilla opened the container, she and family members
huddled around her noticed fluffs of cat hair on the floor. They started removing
 items, and Escamilla climbed into the container to search.

"I saw (Spice) poke her head out from behind some bicycles, and I started to
scream," said Escamilla. She gently picked up the cat and went to the
veterinarian, who said the feline's prognosis was good.

"It's always a good day when the cat's alive," said Escamilla.
"We didn't know what we would find."

Spice's kidneys had shrunk and her bowels were backed up, but she managed to
get some food and water down at the vet, Escamilla said. The vet gave the
Escamillas a soup recipe for Spice made of chicken broth and marrow.
"(The vet) said, 'That's a calico for you,"' Escamilla said. "They have a
survival instinct."

Of course, if she had been a tortie, she would have torn its way out of the container...

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17 responses to this post.

  1. [I was thinking the last bit too]


  2. Poor, poor little cat. Amazing what they can survive… She may have lost a couple of lives in there… Is it just my computer or are the lines continuing outside the page here? It's difficult to read is all..


  3. wow, what an amazing kitty!(Drude, I also see the lines continuing outside the webpage.)


  4. There, I edited it.I had cut and pasted it, and hadn't expected it to keep its original formatting.Now it sould be more readable.


  5. moishe bettah, lw, thanks. That's one super kitty!


  6. Omg. I am SO glad Spice was alive. How horrific if they had found her dead in there. :(I bet she did a LOT of slepping during her voyage!


  7. … it should be more readable.One of those editing kinds of days, apparently.Laurie–a very, very long nap.


  8. Holy sh**. That is amazing.


  9. lauo— How many kitties do you have? I know you have at least one tortie. Is it four kitties?


  10. We've got four kitties.Henrietta, the Hencat, is fifteen.She is a small and sleek and perfect saddle-shoe cat.Did I mention that she is perfect?Then there's the tortie, Silmi, named Silmarilia by the Sair.A friend called us, distraught, because a co-worker had died unexpectedly, leaving four cats in an apartment that had to be empty by the end of the month.Somehow all the medical records went to Oregon with the first kitty she placed.We think she's maybe ten.She's a tortie, what can I say?Motley is a tuxie boy.He's about twelve now, but his exact age is unknown since he came to us as a stray.Our late and much lamented tabbyboy brought him home to us.He's a big teddy bear of a cat and likes hugs.He does nip, but only because he loves us.And Wolfgang, Wolfie, or Little Guy, is going on two.We got him at Animal Services, because Motley was depressed and lonely after Felix, the tabby, died and left him alone with a couple of crabby lady cats.Wolfie was a rescued feral kitten, and had been adopted and returned before. It took months for him to get used us, but he is now ridiculously affectionate.And he worships Motley.And, though he is a playful guy, he is actually very careful and respectful around all these grumpy older cats.I keep wondering whether we should get Wolfie a kitten of his own, but perhaps that way lies madness.(Or, as Sair says, then you'll need to get the kitten a kitten too….)


  11. Awww! You have to post some pics! I never got to see them..And I think Sair has an excellant plan….Yeppers!..b.t.w….As long as Wolfie can put up with the grumpy older cat, so can I. *ducks flyin puddin*


  12. If it had been a pair of Sphynx in the crate, it would never have arrived. The cats would have hijacked the whole ship and sailed to Mazatlan.


  13. Oh, by all means, get a kitten for the kitten!! And so on and so on and so on! ;)Lol at Redz! Yaaaaaaar to da pirate catz!


  14. Count the kitties again, lauo, *Giggles cuz shirt is stuffited wit kitters*


  15. Watch out, then, cause Motley bites!


  16. datz okay..demz luv bites. *ouch!*


  17. I missed this post some how. What an amazing story. What a survivor.


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