It’s July 4, and you know what that means?

Ballerinas on parade!

And just to make sure the full effect is appreciated, here it is again.

Yep, tutus and Birkenstocks.
Why Birkenstocks, I hear you ask?
Well, for one thing, pointe shoes really suck on asphalt.
For another, you can do this:

Yep, you get get en pointe in Birkies.
I don't know why they don't just always do ballet in Birkenstocks, myself.

Anyway, lovely parade.
They were between the DAR and the Orion fund.
Much better than their last parade, when there was a Scottish bagpipe group on one side, and on the other the striking car dealership workers with their giant inflatable rat.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. tutus and birkies. if that doesn't describe Berkeley in a nutshell, nothing ever will…Sair is lovely, and I would have never guessed one could do pointe in birkies.


  2. great photos! what a great way to spend the day.those birkis look like the exact same style that mine are. (the "florida" style, i think)


  3. Hm, I have Birkies and I can't go en pointe. I must have bad sandals. Sure couldn't be because of my years of non-training. Stupid shoes.
    (those poor girls. feet must be shredded by now in their careers. Thank heavens the Berkeley crowd allows for granola kicks.)


  4. this is why I shan't want to live anywhere else!Sar is beautiful!


  5. Actually, that's one of the reasons I like her school as much as I do.They are really, really careful about the kids' feet and pointe work.They do a year of pre-pointe strengthening.Even then they don't start at a given age, but rather when their teachers think their feet are strong enough.After that they still only work up gradually to a more intense schedule.So Sair's doing pointe every day this summer, but she's been on pointe for five years now summers too.Her feet are frighteningly strong, but they just look like feet.


  6. My boss auditioned for Ballanchine way back when she was a teenager. She was thin as a rail and was told she needed to lose weight. Her mother would hear none of it and dragged her out immediately. Before him, ballerinas were healthy and athletic. It's nice to know there are places where girls can still dance past age 20 without mortgaging their future health and well-being.


  7. It's a pretty hot issue in ballet lately.Some places are starting to look healthier, some not so much.Sair's school only goes through high school; then if they are still around it's off to the adult division for classes, so they are mostly under 18.(Adult division does shows too.)They have long had a reputation of promoting and casting by the dancing, not the weight.And they've had some fairly good robust dancers at times.Another reason I like them.


  8. She is beautiful. They all are.
    Actually funny thing, because of various reasons (too long to list here) my daughter had walked on her toes almost exclusively for years. (She can even run straight up on her toes.) Tell you what her calf muscles are STRONG! So much so that we finally had to take her to physical therapy to stretch the muscles that were getting too used to being in that position and strengthen the ones that weren't getting used enough.
    She's better now but we still have to remind her ever so often, "Feet Flat Gabby". She actually causes people to comment to us quite often, "Is she in Ballet?" she had done some dance classes but never showed much interest in it despite loving music and dancing in general, just didn't want to do structured stuff. She's a freestyler.


  9. I love the idea of ballerinas on parade in birkenstocks! Her school sounds very attentive to maintaining the dancers' health and feets. This is good.Sair is very beautiful and being a ballerina just makes her more so! Grace and beauty = great combo!


  10. She is beautiful! Reminds me of the ballerina I had in my very first jewelry box! *sigh* That was a loooong time ago…at least five years ago 🙂
    Metz–That's really cool! She might surprise everyone with a style all her own, become RICH, and tip-toe all the way to the bank!


  11. Your daughter is a beautiful ballerina! And, she makes Birkenstocks look good!
    I'm thinking her ballet troupe should contact Birkenstock about a new ad campaign…


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