Finally, IG, I’m Getting Started

About half an eon ago Island Girl suggested I blog about some of my favorite Berkeley restaurants — right before my camera was dropped and developed an alarming rattle.
Oh, and it  stopped working; a rattle I could have ignored.

So with my new uber-spiffy camera that I don't know really how to work yet, I am beginning my mission.
At first I thought I'd do one lengthy, eveything-in-it screed.
Then I decided that getting this done in the next decade might be a better idea.

So what I will be doing is occasionally adding a restaurant review into the flow here.
I'm trying to think of the places that aren't obvious, famous places, but are really good.
And here's the first.

Zeste is a family-run lunch spot near my kid's math tutor.
That means I come by here twice a week, even if it's only to get a take-out tea to help the Sair recover from an hour of one-on-one Calculus.
The people at Zeste do bits of gardening outside, and have an assortment of wind socks for sunny days, and have inside and outside tables.
They get busy, but never so crowded that they seem to mind me sitting there with a book and a cocoa for an hour.
If I haven't brought a book, they always have a newspaper or two.
Sometimes they have live music on the weekends, or special menu things with a theme.
They have nifty daily specials, and they make everything from scratch.

The flan with fresh berries was particularly fine.

A definite plus is the park.
Sadly the creek area off to the right is a little too iffy to hang out in, but the grassy area is nice.
Some days the Montessori school across the street puts on an unintentional floor show, playing all manner of arcane games.
It's all right — they are there with their teachers and don't get annoying.

But even more entertaining are the dogs.
It isn't officially a dog park, but all the neighborhood dogs come by with their people and toys.
And people come and eat lunch with their dogs.
And people come with their mother's groups and toddlers.
Very low-key, very pleasant.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Cool…I don't know I'll ever get to California, but I love looking at the pics and the stories behind them.
    So what camera did you end up getting? Don't feel bad, I still don't know all the doo-hickies on mine and it's a Kodak EasyShare! I had 5 pics in there that showed up every time I'd download and I just found out, today, how to remove them! And I've had this camera since Mother's Day, of LAST YEAR! Haha!


  2. oh, it sounds lovely! flan with berries, a nice patio to sit in for hours, and a park full of happy puppies! i'm going back to squint at the menu and see what else i want to order…


  3. so pleasant… i love sitting outside, watching things, letting my mind wander when i should be studying.i can count the number of passable restaurants here on one hand – actually, i only need one and a half fingers, and that's being generous.


  4. This looks so casual and relaxing–it offers all the amenities of a personal little patio. How sweet.


  5. I love hearing about cafe's and fun places to eat. I'm not a big flan fan, but I do like fresh berries.


  6. i can't read the menu, lauo! what else do they serve? i need to visualize the food… listen, it's alls i gots. next time you're there, take pics of the food, k?


  7. I would love to post a picture of the food.Maybe I'll make a special trip to get lunch there this week.Sadly, Sarah's doing her Calculus at 6pm for two more weeks, and they're closed by then.(Why is she doing Calculus at 6pm? Because she's doing ballet from 9-5, silly.)


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