QotD: It’s A Small World

This all happened back when Sair, now 17, was a toddler, and we lived in LA.

Sair had only just discovered that other children are fun! Which meant we went out parks a lot, to find other children, because everyone we knew in LA either had no children, or their kids were in high school. After a bit of investigation, I found a park not too far from us, not built next to the freeway (which seems to be a common option), not filled with scary dudes doing business, and sufficiently equipped with kids' stuff to be interesting and to attract possible playmates.

And, sure enough,there are crowds of kids, and Sair meets up with a sweet kid her age named something like Naomi. The two of them have a lovely day playing, and her mom and I talk briefly. When we go back later that week, Naomi is there again, and this time I make a point hanging out with her mother.

The woman was pretty cool. I basically heard her life story — this happens a lot when you have two adults sitting at the sandbox for a couple of hours. She was a little younger that I was (well, pretty much all the moms were, since I had Sair when I was 37), but she wasn't just a kid: she'd finished college, and had an interesting job for years. Then she'd met a guy, gotten married, and had a kid. She was staying home with Naomi, because she and her husband both liked the idea, and he could support them all, though things were, of course, tight. We got rushed leaving, and made noises about maybe getting each other's phone numbers next time, because they always came to this park, and maybe meeting there regularly.

Fine and good.

So the next time we go to the park, sure enough Naomi is there. But her mom is nowhere to be seen. Sair runs off to play with Naomi, and I let them hang out in the sandbox while I sit on a bench. (I don't mind sitting on the ground for an hour or two, but benches are easier.) I'm keeping an eye on the kids and leafing through a magazine, generally rather bored. I can't help but overhear the two men on the next bench.

At first they are talking about business. Apparently they both do some kind of dealing in expensive collectible things, jewelry and such. They are discussing finding them cheap, and pricing them. It's actually kind of interesting, so after a while I am just holding my magazine and listening to them.

Then the younger of the two starts riffing on how he is hiding assets, and asking the oldre one for advice.  The method he described involved accumulating cash and then investing it in things like gold coins. You then stash these someplace secret where that bitch you married will never find them. And then there was lots more discussion of how to protect any more visible assets from said bitch in a divorce.

At which point Naomi comes over to show her daddy something.


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7 responses to this post.

  1. That's pretty sucky. Did you ever see her again?


  2. I didn't see her the next time we went back, and then we were out of town for a while because my aunt was sick.I couldn't figure quite what I'd say anyway….


  3. awkwaaaaaard. poor lady 😦 i think that could be one of the saddest things, when you think everything is honky dory and then you find out your partner is completely unhappy. ignorance may be bliss, but it also cause major surprises in life.


  4. Sneaky bastard. Wow it is amazing what you can see and hear sitting on a park bench. lol


  5. wow. How ugly and uncomfortable was THAT.&:o\( P.S. Have a good 4th, lauowolf! )


  6. Holy sh*t. Yeah, what would you say?? It's like she ought
    to know, but then you're kind of ruining someone's life. Yow.


  7. not only ruining someone's life but guess who the kids lives with after the divorce?


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