QotD: Do Not Want (To Eat)

What do you absolutely refuse to eat?

I will pose my answer in the form of a food ku:

Is that a cockroach
On my morning sweet pastry?
Oh, it's a raisin.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Ewwwwwww ku


  2. If you were Mani, and that were a silverfish, you'd eat it in one bite!


  3. yummy & crunchy!


  4. aw, it's just a tiny cockroach then. practically cute.


  5. Maybe it's a craisin.


  6. Right on! Down with raisins! Might as well eat a rabbit turd.


  7. Is that a cockroach carrying my morning pastry? Craisin,lol! Very nicely done with the ku.


  8. Is that a cockroachOn my morning sweet pastry?Is that me screaming?


  9. Ha! That's exactly how I feel about raisins. Like dried shelled roaches.


  10. good one. i'm also not a fan of raisins in bagels, english muffins or bread in general. when my mom would by raisin bread, as a kid i'd either pick them out or, after toasting, pretend they were warm, melty cinnamon bits. i have a powerful imagination.oh, they're tolerable in scones, though.


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