QotD: Also Known As

What other names did your parents consider for you?

Well, it wasn't specifically for me.
I'm the youngest of five girls, and they had the boy name picked out for my oldest sister.
And we just kept unrelentingly being born girls.
They'd used up all the girl names they liked, all the good family names, and some.
I ended up with the grandmothers' middle names.
But if I'd been a boy, I'd have been james Kindred.
I think I would have had to be a lawyer.
Not too bad, I guess, but I'm still glad to have missed it.
(Not least because it was bad enough to be the fifth girl, but being the fifth child and first boy would have been downright gruesome.)

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3 responses to this post.

  1. I don't think I had a girl name picked out for me, though I suspect Ruth would have been in there somewhere (my grandmother's name, and my younger sister's and Lotus's middle name).What I did have was a nice white sweater with pink roses. When Lotus was close to arrival, my Mom gave it to Ladybug and I and said, I kid you not, "This was a gift for White Roses as a baby, but he was too big to fit in it."Yeah. Too big. Never mind the fact that it had pink roses on it, Mom. Never mind that your strapping baby boy was, you know, a boy. I was too big. Yeah. OK. That's the reason, Mom? Really? Why not put a bow on my head and call me Susan? I mean, if it's just the, "He's too big for that girl sweater."


  2. My dad never really adjusted to the idea that we were all girls.All our family vacations were fishing trips.[Load five kids who get car sick into a station wagon, and then put five sick-sickness prone kids on a boat. What fun!]We had a huge model train set\ too, which I was the only one ever even remotely interested in.I think it got given to the first male grandchild (now about 25), for whom it was never set up.I think his parents are about to sell the pieces on eBay.


  3. Omgad! My dad would kill me for telling this, but it's something we kids teased him about– My grandmother always wanted a girl so she let my dad's hair grow long and dressed him in girlie outfits. I have a picture that is still referrred to as "when you were a little girl". He looked like he was wearing a powdered wig or something. rotflmao!!! And I gotz da pic! He boasted…"Yeah, well, I have that pic and there's NO way you're gonna get that you lil stinker!" I replied, "So happens Mom kept a copy so you'd better be nice, k?" Haha!


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