Ack! Happy Father’s Day, or I Can Has a Case Number

Hey, we know how to celebrate.
For Father's Day, I put on No Such Thing (great movie), for Tom and Sarah to watch, and I took off to pick up Chinese take-out.
It was still light because it's summer, and we were dining fashionably early.
I drove up to College and Ashby, parked in the Post Office lot, and went in to the restaurant, only to realize I'd left my damn wallet at home.
I tried to see if the guy would just call and get a credit card number from Tom for the food, but no.
(I think his wife would have, but she wasn't around.)
So I headed back to my car, to drive home and get funds.

When I got back to the parking lot, someone had pulled in next to my car, and two guys were hanging out by the car.
I felt a sort-of off vibe about it, so I made eye contact with the less scary one, and joked about feeling like an idiot because I'd left my wallet at home, and here I had a parking place and everything.
So the one guy said, yeah, they'd been driving around looking for a space for a while too.
I got in my car, no problem, and drove home.

Tom, being a sweetie, volunteered to go pick up the food instead instead of me, since I'd already driven across town, twice.
But I figured it was Father's Day, so I couldn't send him off on his own, and with only a little argument over who was going to be nicer, we ended up both going.
The theory being that I would just run in and get the food while he circled the block, if we couldn't park.
I was thinking we'd be right back, so I didn't set the house alarm on Sarah, and Tom and I spent most of the drive deciding whether or not we need to do this regularly when people are home.
(Tom had a friend up in El Sobrante who had a home invasion robbery, and it's made him concerned about the safety of the house.)
I think our consensus is that I will be more careful about setting the alarm all the time.

When we got up there the same space I'd just left was empty, so we parked there.
Usually we have to circle about twice to park up there, so this seemed pretty okay..
Tom gave me some cash, and I went off to get the food (which had been sitting there all this time).
The other car was no longer parked in the same place next to our car, but as I walked in I noticed the two guys were still hanging out over by the newspaper racks on College.
Anyway, I went to King Yen and paid for the food (shrimp rolls, scallops in bean sauce, yummy, yummy), and got the guy to toss in the hot oil and fortune cookies, and he got me a box for it too.

Finally, we are done, and I pick it up and start for the door, and there's Tom coming in the door.
"Put it back down," he says, "I've just been robbed."
Yeah, the guy I'd talked to had walked over to the car and pulled a gun.
A big, black gun.

He took all his money ($4 at that point), but left his wallet.
He did ask if that was all Tom had, which it was, since he'd just paid for dinner.
We got to spend the next forty or so minutes talking to Berkeley's finest — a very nice young man, who wrote very, very, slowly.
And finally got to take our food home, reheat the lot of it, and feed us all.

I think next year we'll do something different.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. O.M.G. Yet more shit that just doesn't happen in Canada (you know, in spite of our Mormon-corrupting movies and whatnot…)Thank dog you are OK…and it was only 4 bucks and they didn't carjack you (come to think of it, they sound like amateurs…)


  2. eeeeek! maybe you could order in next time? eeek. (Thank goodness it wasn't any worse.)


  3. OMG how scary. I am so glad that you are all right. Damn makes me wonder about this crazy society we call home.


  4. omg. that's terrible. i'm so glad you're both okay. holy smokes.


  5. A near escape.


  6. Well mostly I feel like an idiot for noticing the guys, but just wandering off, lalala, letting Tom end up dealing with them.And I'm glad that they did seem to be a little, maybe, new at this.And didn't beat on him for not having any money.Or have it go bad in any of more ways than I want to think of.If he were a cat, he'd still be all puffed up.


  7. Holy schnikes! I'm glad that no one got hurt, but man, what a day! I am just amazed at what people think of when they concoct robbery plans – were they going to hold up every single patron of the restaurant so they could make a day's wage? I'm broke all the time, but I can't even get motivated for that crappy amount of money. I hope the police find the guys – they'll get years in the slammer for robbing a father on Father's Day of $4 at gunpoint. How sad.


  8. Wow that's horrible. Glad no one got hurt…but geeze, that really stinks. 😦


  9. And on Father's Day??! noooo! You weren't at all wrong by noticing them, that gave you a better description! Glad everyone's all right and that they didn't get Tom's wallet so he doesn't have to go thru all those hassles. I bet he did come in all *floofed* up. It's scary to have a gun pointing at you. Been there before. Crazy thing is that it was by a cop who sneaked up on my car and tapped on the window with that thing pointed at my head! They had the wrong people and my car fit the discription. No, "I'm sorry" or nuttin.


  10. Holy crap! I can't imagine. That just sucks.


  11. oh my god, that was horrible, lauowolf!I'm so glad that neither you nor Tom was hurt — so glad you're both ok.that's just horrible. Damn!Your intuition was Spot On, woman!


  12. yikes – really glad you're all okay though – and always trust your gut feeling


  13. Oh my god!! How awful for the two of you! And how scary. I'm so very glad it wasn't worse. I bet you no longer need that discussion about the alarm for the house, huh?


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