Canada, where anything goes. Or so I hear.

Just overheard at Peets, from the charming girls behind me in line while I was waiting for my steamed milk (with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, and cocoa powder.)

Is that, like rated R?
Like, safe for Mormons.
Oh. Yeah.
Bummer. You should go to Canada. Nothing's an R in Canada.

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  1. Nothing's rated R???? What part of Canada would that be? Ain't around here! I'm confuzzled. If I had a newspaper with the movie listings, I bet I could find you an R. But I don't has a newspaper.
    Instead of newspaper, I can has steemed milk with yummies in it??? Sounds like a nice tastee bevrige to me.


  2. I love to eavesdrop. They weren't the sharpest marbles, now were they.


  3. I thought Mormons weren't even allowed to go to R rated movies.But apparently things are different in Canada.


  4. I was gonna say…since when was "R" safe for Mormons?


  5. Utah rules. Oh no, but I do like the coffee. We have XXX ratings also.


  6. So Canada is the new Amsterdam? Rock on.
    And here I thought it was a country full of polite, responsible people who enjoy beer. Who knew it was a land of debauchery and devil-may-care attitude?


  7. Rofl. "Safe for Mormons…"


  8. Or at least a country full of Mormons, and young people, and children, all shamelessly going to utterly inappropriate movies.But probably being polite and responsible while doing so.(Don't know about the beer, and children, and all.)No, not very sharp marbles at all.


  9. I'm LDS (Mormon), and we're encouraged to avoid R-rated films. ("Not allowed" may be a touch strong — it's not like there are Movie Police.) I wonder if the person meant "not safe for Mormons.")


  10. You know, I'm not sure they knew what they meant.


  11. lol, lw! You must have heard of this (if not overheard it).


  12. Clearly, these people have never heard of "Kids in the Hall".


  13. I love that, Amy. I'm calling it New Amsterdam from now on.


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