QotD: That’s Just Cruel

What's the weirdest baby name you've ever heard (or considered)?

A woman I worked with had twins and named them Aaron and Erin.
I kid you not.
My guess is pretty soon they developed serious nicknames.

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  1. That's just asking for trouble. Most of the twins I've come across had pretty distinct names. Mark and McKay. Hunter and Gannon (Hunter has a movie on NetFlix: 10 mph). There are others. None of the parents were insane enough to name them homonyms.


  2. Haha! Well please tell me they were at least a male and a female.


  3. Yes, they were a boy and girl.And she did speak very distinctly, so she did consistently say the names differently.As opposed to the remaining nine-tenths of the population


  4. Yeah…when i read this I didn't know what the deal was…those manes do not sound alike to me at all.


  5. I was gonna say…out here people are on me about that sometimes, insisting there is a distinct difference in the pronunciations, which I recognize is true, just not in my lazy Midwestern mid-Missouri dialect. It's easy to tell the difference if you hear it from a New Yorker.


  6. In our neck of the woods, those two names would be pronounced identically. I used to want twin girls I could name Marilyn and Mary Lynn. Thankfully for them, I never had twin girls (or kids of any other flavor, as it turned out).


  7. Sad. So, sad. I have a friend and she and her brother both go by Chris. Short for their respective girl and boy names.


  8. Didn't get it at first. They sound totally diff to me. I'm prob in the *few* here, but….dats okay!


  9. Ouch.What were they thinking?


  10. Oh you, you probably have vowels in your everyday speech.I only learned as an adult that pin and pen weren't homonyms.I can even say them differently now, and on a good day hear them differently.So I can say Erin and Aaron differently, if I try.But I'd probably never hear one or the other distinctly without hearing both of them for the (slight) contrast.


  11. Yeah, too close, regardless.


  12. lauo— i think it has a lot to do with the accent, too. I grew up in MD, but developed a bit of an accent from my VA relatives. They rubbed the *hillbilly* on me some, i reckon…see?! pppblllt!


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