QotD: If I Never Hear That Again…

What is the one saying that your parents said to you that you absolutely hate? 
Submitted by victoriassecret.

Whenever any of us did something klutsey, my dad would say

"Anybody can be stupid."

I told this to a friend once, and she said,

"Oh how kind and accepting. "Everyone makes mistakes, It's all right."
Gee, what an idyllic childhood you must have had."

Wrong. If I may translate, the phrase reads thusly:

"Anyone can be stupid.
The scum of the earth can be stupid. 
Stupid people can be stupid.
You, however, are my daughter, and you are not supposed to be just anyone.
You are not supposed to ever be stupid.
You blew it."

Time to go hide for a week.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like my wife's father . . .


  2. I agree – it's an IE6 or IE7 problem and works fine in Firefox.
    Report it here: http://help.vox.com/cgi-bin/blogs_us.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php


  3. Ha ha…sounds like my father…he said it but I never listened coz it didn't apply to me.


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