Help me, Obi Wan KennoVox, you’re my only hope…….

Someone out there who knows how things work?


Evidently some people end up reading my posts as white on black.
This is not a thing I am trying to do.
In fact I just spent ten minutes trying hard not to do it, but I have no idea whether or not I suceeded.
I can see where I can change the banner.
And where I can pick how the stuff fits on the page.
But I can't find a place that messes with fonts and all.

Presumably, this is posting black on white.
I think.
That's what I see in my own blog.
And I went to look at my posts via other people's neighborhoods, and they look okay.
Or at least I couldn't get them to display light on dark.

So who is seeing what here.
And why.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. white page, black letters. Looks fine.


  2. I see black on white, as well.


  3. This post is fine, but when I click on your main blog link, that's all funky looking.


  4. Dang, I can't get it to do it for me.And I don't think I've told it to do it either.Will keep looking around.


  5. So that's if you hit the blog link in my avatar?Or in your neighborhood list?You get a black background, anything else weird?


  6. It wasn't black background, but all the elements of your blog were shuffled around on the page and running into each other.

    That was at work on Explorer. Here at home with Netscape, it all looks fine.


  7. What I was seeing was in the comments on the "7 or 8 things about you" meme, and it wasn't white on black, it was black on black. Every other comment was unreadable, because it was dark print on a dark background. That's what it was like reading it on Explorer, at work. I'm still on Explorer, but I'm at home. Hang on, and I'll go check what it's like here, and put another comment.


  8. I'm back. It's just on the 7 or 8 things post, and it's dark blue on this computer. It's like the post part is in the white part where everything else is, but the white part stops abruptly right after all those cool avatars in diagonal lines. Then the background goes the same color as the sides usually are, and the comments shift right over to the left edge. See up above where one comment is just black letters on white, and the next one is black letters on a light blue background, to differentiate it from the comment above and below? Well, one comment will be proper black letters on white, and then the next one is black letters on the black-fading-to-dark-blue that you have for your theme/background/sideses/whatdoyou call it. And so I can't read them. That's going to your blog by hitting the avatar or name on my blog. Hang on again, and I'll do the "type the address in at the top" way of getting here.


  9. Okay, it happens no matter how I get to your site, and it's only on the 7 or 8 things post, and it's just the comments, not the post itself, and I bet it has to do with those diagonal avatars, because it's right after them that everybody drops off the map. I dunno how to fix it and still keep the diagonal avatars, but I think that's the problem.


  10. I looked at it and the fonts are fine. I didn't have a problem with any of your previous posts either like some of the others. But when if you get to your blog by way of clicking on 'lauowolf's vox' you can see the posts just fine but all the things on the right side (your profile, your neighbourhood, etc) don't show up. Clicking on individual posts makes it ok tho. And that is just very weird. And no, it's not a matter of the page not fully loaded. It said done and I cross-checked multiple times.


  11. Hmmm.Seems like maybe it's the combination of IE and the avatar stuff.If it's just that one post I'll probably just let it sit.(It's late, I'm tired.)


  12. Black on white


  13. WHOA! The main link is BORKED. I noticed that on my vox watch page, when I click someone's icon and it shows all of their posts, it also shows all of my friends and neighbors on the left side bar, but lauowolf's shows an empty side bar, I almost wrote to vox to tell them that you break my vox watch page everytime.


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