7 or 8 things about me

I got a meme (from Crom74) — 8 random facts/habits.
Then I choose 8 people to tag (join us…….) and list them.

So, 8 random facts (habits?).

1. I didn't learn to drive until I was 35. Then I had to learn immediately, on a stick shift, in order to drive out to Marin county to help out my aunt. Which meant driving on a freeway, and it was one they were still building at that point that detoured in a terrifying and complex way. And I had to drive back at night. With trucks.

2. Every night I read out loud to my kid. This started when she was a baby, and has never stopped. The cats really like t, and I usually collect at least two in the bed while I read, but when I turn out the light they wander off.

1. The only time my hair has been professionally cut was when I was
twelve. My mother's hair dresser volunteered to trim my hair and cut
off six inches. Never been back. Every now and then I hack off the ends
a bit to even them out.

No, not really. This looks more like my kid who's never cut her hair.

4. I've never owned a new car. I've never even bought a car that was made in the same decade that I bought it. Then I drive it until it falls apart. My volvo's at 350K. We're discussing maybe getting a hybrid next — by the time we do this probably we'll be able to find one sufficiently used. I'm looking forward to a cup holder.

5. My father was from Mississippi; my mother was from Wisconsin; and when I was a little kid a family friend from Rhode Island lived in our house for over a year. Everybody's English was different. Then I grew up in Maryland, which was none-of-the-above. It's not so much that I have any one accent, more that my vowels are just all over the map. Some words I have two, or even three ways of saying.  It's all smudged together.
So when I took the What kind of American English Do You Speak quiz,


I ended up just giving up in frustration.There were always too many answers: sometimes it's a cellar, sometimes it's a basement; it's soda, it's pop, and it's a coke, and it's sodapop too; it's icing and it's frosting; and so on.

6. I can put myself to sleep any time, any place. This began as a migraine cure: I used to have simply terrible ones as a teenager. After I threw up (that bad), I'd put myself to sleep and whenever I woke up it would be gone. Comes in handy. I also always wake up completely in the middle of the night.

7. I check out the thrift store every week during my kid's winds ensemble (7-9:15pm). Great finds! I may never buy new clothing again.

8. I still have to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

So now I'm supposed to tag either people.
I'll try, but probably everyone's already done this.
So if you've done it, or if you just hate these things, don't hate me, I'm just the messenger. (Sure.)

Let's see:

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17 responses to this post.

  1. These are good, fun, interesting facts! I find it SO interesting that you can put yourself to sleep anytime.I can almost do that. I can sleep on airplanes, buses, anywhere, which is really handy because I wake up and viola' I am where I was going! I can also tell myself a time to wake up. Any time, morning, or middle of the night and I will wake up, usually right on the minute. The brain is SUCH a strange thing!Hooray for self cut hair, too! I color my own and trim my own and wear it up in a clip when I get sick of it hanging around and that's all I do with it! I hate making appointments, and messing with hair, so….that's all I do! Reading! THE best one thing you can do for your kid. Mine all got read to from the minute they were born and now my neice and nephew are getting the same treatment! It's a GIFT that will do them well the rest of their lives!


  2. That was a fantastic read! I love learning about people.


  3. So we have to do our own post with 8 random facts about ourselves and then ask 8 more peeps to do it, too? ….just wanting to make sure I got this right…


  4. Yes, and describe the meme in the post too.(I sort of did, but maybe not too well. Try Crom74, maybe his explanation's better.)


  5. Wow, the stacked diagonal vox links thing you did is pretty cool. Looks like we have a vox pro in the house!I've give just about anything for that sleeping trick you have. Can you teach it?


  6. I shall have to wait until coffee break to actually do this, but it'll give me somethin' to think about while I work. er, um, I mean… I'll concentrate reeeeellly hard on my work until coffee time, yeah, that's what I meant, and then I'll do this. Yeah….
    Um, Lauo?? Black background's cool and all, but I can't read the comments that are in dark print. I needs new glasses, but… like what Poptart wrote? I can sorta see there's something there, but I can't tell it's letters and words and things. Same with your comment to DKN. Not that it's prolly any of my bidness…


  7. Wow! Nerves of steel on the driving thing, lw! Thrift stores–hidden treasures!!Where did you grow up in MD? I grew up in Rockville.


  8. Yeah, how the heck DID you do that diagonal thing? I am a Vox illiterate!


  9. Well, I'm honored! But what exactly do we do? I'll give it a try. I'm having major modem/telephone problems right now so it might take some time. Lauo! I'm in MD, too! -Silver Spring. Actually lived in the same county jaypo lived in! And I must show you a pic of this Bicycle I got from the thrift store! I *stole* it!!!


  10. Usta-??Black background???I have no idea how that is happening.Me, I loathe dark backgrounds myself,and can't read them at all, so it's nothing I've done on purpose.(Give me a white on black message, and picture me with computer all zoomed in and my nose on the screen, swearing softly.)I'm seeing this black on white, but I'll go poke around and see if I can figure out what's going on.


  11. Actually the diagonal thing is because I'm a worse vox illiterate than anyone.I was cut and pasting avatars, hoping to get all my links in one place so I could pm people I tagged.Because I can't even make links because I'm pathetic at this.(Avatars won't let me pm from them.typical.)But when I dragged them across, leaving one space between, it did this. Cool.Cooler if I had any idea why it works this way.


  12. My grandmother lived in Riverdale and was an elementary school principal there in the 20s.We lived in College Park when I was little, and then moved to Cheverly, which I sort of loathed.But I like Maryland.Maybe it's the early influence or something, but it's still my idea of just basic countryside.


  13. You have to get warm, and wrap up.Then you, um, I don't know, you just go to sleep.


  14. Great post. How did you do that things\


  15. That was ,so funny about lerning to drive at 35.Thanks for making me laugh.There is nothing like laughing away,it cures whatever ails you.

    Also about haircutting,I had a similar experiance,and stayed away from hairdressers for a long perioid of time.Now I have the best hair dresser,I have ever had in my life and the most beautiful hair of my life,and I'm 53.


  16. To be honest I was about 48,when I could drive,finally,well, and with confidence.Even though I got my driving licence at about 22,I was the worst driver,you can imagine and did not want to encounter on the road.Now at 53,I am a very good driver,except when changing lanes,I'm bad at looking in all those mirrors and windows, all at the same time.And I'm directionally-challanged but so is the great,awesome Jim Goll.I have learned much from this remarkable man.


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