Does this mean I can’t go to CO any more?

Intermittent Depressive Animal Syndrome With Disturbance (IDASWD)

IDASWD involves unpredictable episodes or
experiences in combination with a pessimistic mood and emotional
outlook when near animals or beasts, exacerbated by aberrant behavior
that may be harmful to self or others.

Found in Arbed's blob.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Just don't go near depressed or depressive animals, and no animal could be depressed if it's got its picture on CO. 😉
    That phrase "animals or beasts" … an interesting distinction.


  2. I like it.I think I have 1 cat and three beasts.Or at least that's what all of the cats claim.


  3. I am so confused. Annie is happy so I guess we are okay.


  4. Snorgle $4! Kitters and call me in the morning….at'll be $60, please.


  5. heehee! actually i shouldn't be laughing at you, poor lauowolf. i guess you have to stay away from CO for your own good. 😦 *sniff*


  6. Maybe you just need a chaperone when you visit CO — someone to keep an eye on you so there's no harm happening to anyone.


  7. And a bargain at that, if it works.Maybe short, supervised visits?


  8. Give Annie some good hugs from me.


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