Some more harpsichord images, since you can never have too many

Brown Amazon was discussing harpsichords.
So I thought I'd post some pictures.

My kid's piano teacher's ex-husband is a big-time harpsichord builder.
(I just realized that sounds really odd.
I guess what I mean is that he makes a living building instruments and has a four-year waiting list for them.)
These are images from his website.
Anyway, her piano teacher has a living room full of instruments, including a harpsichord (kid gets to practice on it!) that looks a bit like this:

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6 responses to this post.

  1. That's amazing! What beautiful instruments! My appreciation for the harpsichord's sound is a touch limited, but what a totally cool speialty!


  2. oooh, i love the harpsichord! i wish i could play it, but alas. these are truly works of art.


  3. Wow. Fabulous. As a kid, we had an upright piano. I only wanted a harpsichord. Someday.


  4. Thank you, lauowolf. These harpsichords will be very happy in my new castle. I'll take 3 of each. You and yours are invited to play any time.


  5. OMG these are GORgeous!!!How incredible to know someone who makes these!!!!Gaaaa, I am home from my babysitting weekend…no time to chat….makin' sloppy joes!!……..


  6. Well now I'm feeling inspired.I'll make the kid tune ours up and practice some.She's just been using the piano lately.(You have to tune a harpsichord all the time, like a guitar, but many more strings.)


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