QotD: House Rules

What were the main household rules when you were growing up?  What are the rules in your own house now?
Brought to you by the movie Georgia Rule

When I was very young, my parents had just gotten a new gray wool rug for the dining room.
Shortly after that there was one of the usual catastrophes, and one of my sisters came running in the back door with some kind of hideous wound on her hand, looking for my mother to make it better.
She sees my mother sitting in the dining room and starts to go to her, only to freeze in the doorway when my mother sees her coming and shrieks:

"Don't get blood on the rug!"

So that was our household rule.

In my house?
Anyone sitting with a cat on them is allowed to ask other people to fetch things for them in order not to disturb a cat.
As in:

"Would you get me a cup of tea? I've got a cat."

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10 responses to this post.

  1. We have the latter rule, too.


  2. I like your rule much better.


  3. I like the cat rule!


  4. i like the cat rule too.


  5. wow, the Miao House has that exact same rule too. I've been known to waylay a Miao Bro just so I can have Papa Miao bring me some water from the kitchen. 😀


  6. I love your rule! Sadly I have no cat at the moment so no excuse for not making the tea – Sarah has gone to stay with her Mum for a week and, as we're going away for a few days after and Phoebe stays there rather than a cattery, she's taken her early!


  7. My brother had that cat rule. I try to pick the cat up and take them with me without disturbing them if possible.


  8. The cat rule is the The Cat Rule. It is Law.


  9. We the Cat Rule and we also have the Dog Rule….as in, Could you get me something from the kitchen? The dog is under the recliner and I can't close it to get up.


  10. That cat rule must be law! We have it at our house. My mother in law has it at her house and My Mom had it at her house.


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