So who’s here anyway?

hidden villain   Yeah, that's me. 

   Well, it's not really that good a likeness.
   Maybe that's why it's my hidden villain.
   Wait'll you see what my outer villain looks like.

Who's your hidden villain?

Your hidden villain is Dracula

your evil streak is strangely alluring. You're flirtatious and find it
easy to captivate an audience with your theatrical sense of style.
You're capable of lulling your victims into a false sense of security
before turning on them, but your weakness is romance. You love the
thrill of the chase and you're so attractive that your prey become
hypnotised by everything you say and do. And you know it. Just don't
abuse their trust too much – or you might find them popping over with a
very garlicky stew armed with a wooden stake. And we all know what that

So you guys better watch out.
Especially those late night posters (you know who you are.)

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5 responses to this post.

  1. hypnotically attractive, neat! garlicky stew doesn't sound so bad either.


  2. so my doctor said I should start going to be earlier. yes yes he did. soooo might night prowl too late. hides under bed.


  3. Ah Ha. Will the Real Dracula prevail. hahahahahah


  4. I was Dracula too. I think it was the pale ashen skin that doesn't see the light of day that did me in… 🙂


  5. Ha – I'm Freddy… But, I liked the 80's…


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