QotD: Search Me

How well does your name Google? Who are you up against? (Celebrities, etc.)
Submitted by Matt Blank.

The thing is that I have an utterly common assortment of names (13,600 results).

An Atlanta real estate person
A pre-op transsexual with a blog
A ucsc  or UCB athlete
A really big shot person in the Girl Scouts
A blues singer

Maybe that was all one person.

That was the first page.
I don't think I could find myself in all that.
So probably I'm pretty difficult to google.

And — ACK — when I google lauowolf I get 31,500 results?
I think this should just be me.
How can that be?
I mean, sure, maybe I get a little prolix at times, but really 31,500 results?
I will have to look into this.

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One response to this post.

  1. Every three hours a hundred lauowolfs are born.Yep. Just googled you and got 31,600.


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