As if Prince Tantra weren’t fluffy enough — Gild the lily, anyone?


Since I thought Little Miao's Prince Tantra (or does that work the other way around?) would actually look attractive in a wig, I wanted to offer some choices

1) I don't think his wig should have a tail down the back.
He's already got a better tail than any of these.

2) With allowance for ears, this one might do, but I'd like something longer.

3) I like the buildup on top here.
Should it sit behind the ears?

4) Here's the current British judge look I was thinking of.
With little slits for ears?
(Well, I like it.)

5) And here's one with a bit to the side.
Another good look  for his Serene Highness.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. Definitely the last one. It's just enuf fluff.


  2. I problem these horsehair wigs aren't that comfy,


  3. I don't know… I'm leaning towards # 4. provided, of course, that it'd be dyed the exact same shimmering colors as His Royal Tantraness.


  4. nothing could be made to look half as nice as the Tantra floof, unless Papa ana Mama Miao keeps all the shedding and a wig was made of that? Sure a lot of judges and QC would love a full bottom wig like that


  5. tee hee! #4 I'm just trying to picture the little triangle ears sticking out the top!!


  6. good thinking there Dewi. Number 4 for me as well 🙂


  7. No. 4 would be just right! Regal enough, but not too fancy so it wouldn't distract from his real floof.Prince Tantra is ready for an appointment with the custom wigmaker. Lauowolf, who do you recommend?


  8. Great idea, Dewi! We'd have mountains of Tantra-floof in no time from his grooming. And if I get that amazing brush I found on jaypo's site, a single grooming would probably be enough for three wigs worth of floof.If it were a wig made from His Serene Highness's own floof, how could it be anything but purrfect?


  9. Gilding the lily….is that like choking the chicken?


  10. err…um….no. I don't think so, Lauri…&:o\


  11. Look at the picture of Prince Tantra that little miao posted (regarding Bach) and then look at the first box here with drawings in it — look at the bottom row of wigs, the very first one on the left — Now picture the Prince in that one…with one little pig tail draped regally over each shoulder…I think he'd look real snazzy in that one… &:o)


  12. I think a symmetrical version of the last one, made of course from the Prince's own floof, and with ear holes, would be great. He would achieve levels of disapproval so great that bunnies would quail.


  13. He might require an entire wig wardrobe.I'm not sure I wouldn't want them in white, though, for greater contrast.


  14. Oh me, oh my. Very low, grande' bow to Prince Tantra. And in bowing I am honored to bow again. Oh my. What a cat, little miao.Thank you lauowolf for introducing us.How about Port Royal Governor Swann's wig? No, best to use Prince's own fur from brushing and I would very much like to be first in line to brush, brush, brush his Majesticalness.


  15. Now there's an idea – if I remember right, Governor Swann's wig has quite a presence – perhaps majestic enough even for Prince Tantra?but lauowolf is right, Prince Tantra needs an entire wig wardrobe so that he can choose between his wigs depending on his many moods. My only worry is that, as majestically floofy as he is, His Purrfect Princeliness wouldn't be able to produce enough floof floof to fill an entire wardrobe of wigs. Is it possible for his many serfs to grow Tantra-floof on their farms (or in their backyards or window planters, as the case may be) and present it to him as tribute?


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