Still not as lovely as a tree

What kind of poem are you?
Go here to find out.

Here are my results, in a poem.

A cywydd llosgyrnog; I'm one.
"A what?" Well, quite. There'd be no fun
In being understood; I
Thrive upon obliquity.
Don't comprehend or follow me,
For mystery's my ally.

(If you were not a Cywydd Llosgyrnog you would be a Lai.)

And what is a Lai, I imagine you asking….
No, not that. Bad peeps.
Here's the answer.

I'm the lai, with no sort
Of grave, solemn thought,
And I
Will never be caught
By miseries sought,
Nor sigh;
Where battles are fought
Or arguments brought,
I fly.

Or we could try

Don't like either of your given forms? Feel free to choose another.

(Though only if you toss garbage differently.
Or like gloves)


a Clerihew
a Triolet
a Haiku
Blank Verse
a Limerick
Heroic Couplets
a Rubai
a Ballad
a Cinquain
Free Verse
a Sonnet
Ottava Rima
a Descort
a Tanka
a Cywydd Llosgyrnog
Terza Rima

Poems written by Holly


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11 responses to this post.

  1. I like your better. lol…….It is weird because I spend most of my time alone with Annie.


  2. Ok, I really need to read this when it's not 1:47 am and I haven't had this much wine. I'll check it out tomorrie! ;)God bless, y'all! 🙂


  3. Di iawn (must ask vox to put that in the list)
    In case peoplke didn't know it is one of the 24 'Official' meters in Welsh, and one that has the joy of internal rhymes but doesn't require aliteration


  4. Even the names of poetic styles are poetic.
    Lauowolf – I liked your ?/orange but I like your face egg too. It looks like you are resting your chin on your fist contemplating something that pleases you.


  5. Whoa, this is really interesting! I need to investigate all of these kinds of poems!:)


  6. Omg….did you click on Holly's link and see all her pictures of food? Whoa…I'm drooling.


  7. Food, yes, and completely demented commentary.


  8. i'm a terza rima. who'd have guessed? i suppose this explains my affinity for petrarch.


  9. Yes, demented and quite amusing! 🙂


  10. Very neat. I am laughing at troilet because we used to call girls from the town of Troy, New York Troylets,lol. It was not a compliment. I wrote a poem that is in a filing cabinet in the Smithsonian. An Archeologist from the local college knew I wrote poetry and she gave me all these Aztec poems and asked if i could spot a cadence, and all the other things needed to determine if there was an actual structure to Aztec Poems. There was and I was the first person to write one in the 20th Century. I have no idea what it even was at this point. But, it is "alledgedly" in the Smithy.


  11. That is utterly cool.


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