QotD: Family Circus

Share a story about your sibling(s) or a family member from when you were a kid. 
Submitted by Jenny Marie.

This is yet another story about an incident I don't really remember, since I was the baby.
My mother was at the grocery store with me — aged about 18 months, and my next older sister who would have been about four.
I was in the cart in the little top section, with my legs hanging out, and my sister was "helping mommy" by getting things and running and putting them into the cart.
My sister and I were already getting along about as well as we ever did.
She was biting me on the leg, and I was pulling her hair to try to make her stop.
A woman in the store had seen my mother interacting with my sister, and came over to her in horror.
"Madam, your child is biting that baby!"
My mother looked over, checked that it was her cart, and me in it.
"It's all right, they're both mine."
The woman just backed away and fled.
My mother always said she didn't see what the problem was, because it seemed about equal to her — if my sister didn't like her hair being pulled, she could stop biting me and go away.
I would point out, though, that the baby in the cart can't do anything to stop being bitten, and can't get out, but that too is the story of my childhood.
(Raised by wolves, I swear, I was raised by wolves.)

(Edit) FYI, another Wolf family, not mine.
But if you google Wolf family, you get lots of options.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. LOL! That sounds about right for my house, too. One day I was so mad I hit my brother (Ray, of course) on the back with Dad's leather belt. Thankfully my mother was there to protect me (I'm sure she didn't know what I was doing), and told my crying brother, "Well, If you didn't make her mad, she wouldn't have done that."
    It's amazing we all got out of childhood alive, isn't it?


  2. Oh, dear!I was that horrible older sister who did awful things to my younger brother. And, I know my kids have some horrendous tales to tell, too. But, I guess that is what makes some kids so tough, and others *shifty eyes* so crabby.


  3. Awesome.


  4. That is great – I could hear that lady stomping away with a "Well, I never!'


  5. It would have been funny if your mom reached down and bit your sister,lol.


  6. Too funny!


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