The car my mother bagged

This is the first car I remember our family having — ours was a dark greenish color, though, rather than red.
There's a long family story about it.
My mother was an ABD in English, taught school for many years, ended up running every club she ever joined, and was just a reasonably bright and together person.
I just say this in advance, in case anyone gets the wrong idea from this story.
Now, I was the baby in the car, so I am recounting family history, rather than my own memories — but I do remember the car door.

One day my mother was about to drive off with all five kids, and her buddy Winnie was there,
They were discussing guns (circa 1952).
Winnie was scolding my mother for having guns in the house when she had small children underfoot.
My mother said there wasn't much point in having guns where you couldn't get them, and in fact she had one in the glove compartment.
Knowing her, she was probably trying to convince Winnie to carry one too.
She explained she had to drive through a lot of places that she didn't feel safe about, and the gun made her feel better.
(Oh, and I should mention my mother was about 4'11, and very blonde, and wore her hair up in a bun like a librarian. About as tough looking as your basic kitten. Very deceptive, appearances are.)

Anyway, Winnie started going ballistic about this, and pointed out that any one of us kids could pull out that gun and start teething on it or something, and end up shooting someone.
And she wasn't letting up.
So my mother gets the gun and shows it to her to demonstrate how harmless it was.
"See," she says, "This is the safety catch."
"When you have it on, even if you pull the trigger like this, nothing happens."
"And if you have it off and pull the trigger…"

And she shot the side of the car.
With us in it.
No one was hurt, but there was a bullet hole in the metal part of the door which added to its charm.

Okay, Arbed,
This is as close to olive as I can get it.
The bullet hole was on the passenger side anyway, so you can just think of it as being there in this picture, on the far side of the car.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. so not only is the colour of the car in the picture not quite right, it's missing a bullet hole as well…..


  2. Wow. THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! Haha!


  3. holy.shit!…..


  4. Wow!!!If your mother had done that today she would be thrown in prision immediately, kids impounded and there would have been media coverage for two weeks!!!I am glad your mom was her own person, and fearless, and also glad that no one got hurt! 😉


  5. You have to wonder, even then, no one came to check out random gun fire in the afternoon.Those were wilder days indeed.


  6. I don't think I have a picture of the real car, but it's pretty close.Maybe I should try playing with the image a bit…


  7. *ducks under desk as lauowolf gets out gun to adjust image*:D


  8. [c’est top]


  9. ditto what BP said. very scary and it could have been tragic. but since it wasnt' tragic it. is. hilarious.
    …to have been able to see your mom's face…
    …or her friend Winnie's…
    [threadjack] I am reminded of conversations Ive had with fellow 40- and 30-somethings were we wonder out loud how we managed to reach the age of two: no seat belts. no car seats. no consumer warnings. no locks on the cabinets.
    our parents would have been arrested in this day and age, that's for sure.
    my mom had a stationwagon (not as pretty as yours). some kind of Ford monster. red. I remember driving down the highway while the five of us where tumbling between the middle and back seats, fighting, crying, "mooooooom…" and mom was *trying* to drive in that mayhem.

    …good times…


  10. Oh m'goodness… how scary! Your mom is a total badass though… wow.


  11. LOL! Scary at first, but since no one was hurt, it's hilarious.
    I agree with Lauri and LT – if that had happened today your mom would have been in big trouble. Also agree with Mariser – I always think you guys had it better back then. Us youngsters today are overprotected, spoiled, pansy-asses.
    Not speaking for Sabba though … she rides horses 😉


  12. Yes, but I ride with a helmet! 😀 😀 😀


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