Healthier Hen

Here is the Hencat.
I had been worried about her this winter, because she'd gotten too skinny, and sort of suddenly old-looking.
But here she is looking fine again.
She's been getting lots of special foods and extra attention.
And it's finally spring, and she's been going out to catch sun.
So here's some of her spring.

First, a gratuitous Iris.
Then the porch.

You have to imagine the Hen here in the corner catching the sun through the railings.
She sits under the chair to be safe from owls.

When she's feeling lively she gets a lot of mileage out of refusing to play.
And punching Wolfie if he gets playful.
Here is Wolfie being playful,beating up on a some strapping tape.
At least it doesn't hit back.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful! You have palm trees! Hencat looks like my Shamu did. Same eyes even. We wubbed each uvva vewy much. Wolfie looks like a sweetheart. A nicely toasted kitty. Your photos are lovely. I hope you have a sunny, good weekend.


  2. Love the kitty pics. And LOVE LOVE the porch pic! Is it a Victorian? I lived in Vallejo for about 5 years and though its not S.F. or Berkeley it's still the Bay Area and I just loved the old architecture there. We have a lot of that here in Seattle too, though here I would say it's mostly Craftsman and Mission Style homes. Still…. I really love that stuff.


  3. nice looking kitties. your house is blue. when I lived in Portland I was buying a blue house with gray trim. You got gingerbread too. I love it. Hencat has beautiful eyes.


  4. Awww… I'm glad Hencat is feeling better. She's beautiful. Basking in the sun is a great pastime.I lived in Berkeley for about a month when I was 13. I remember how much I enjoyed walking up and down the hills and spying kitties on people's porches.


  5. Beautiful pictures!!!I am so glad Hencat is feeling better. Old age sucks large! :(Wolfie is lovely…and pyrit chose the perfect words "nicely toasted". Lol!Just lovely!


  6. The most gorgeous eyes. I'm in LOVE :o)


  7. Pretty house and pretty kitties!!!!


  8. Your house is a very very very fine house, with more than two cats in the yard.It's like an urban fairytale.


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