Sunshine on my window makes me happy.

It's spring, and I haven't made it to the yard yet, but my windowsills are doing fine.
We've redone the whole houseplant thing.

The cats have finally had their way in the kitchen.
I went by the nursery, and now the top of the window sashes on both windows have tidy lines of catnip plants.
About a dozen in all.
I can just barely reach them, and they seem to be successfully beyond cat reach, so they may last a while.

So now I just trim off the top of a plant with my fingernails, and hold it for a kitty to eat.
They've gotten very cheerful.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. what a good mom you are. homegrown nip. the best.


  2. Wolfie likes to be feed it, delicately, one leaf at a time.It's a very peel-me-a-grape sort of thing.


  3. LOL! My kitties have always seemed completely unaffected by anything 'nip' related. That is until I got them a Boogie Mat! They LOVE that thing! It's like a little pillowcase, with a zipper. Unfortunately the zipper on ours is stuck beyond all imagination so I can't open it and add more nip. So far, it hasn't seemed to matter. But maybe when I move to a bigger apt (SOON I hope) I'll get some 'nip plants. But I'll make sure the pots are weighted so they can't be easily pulled down by greedy little paws! 😉


  4. Wow. Your house sounds like an awesome place to be this morning! I'm coming over.


  5. Humans are allowed to have tea or coffee.


  6. Um. Tea pleeze!


  7. I can't wait for it to warm up enough to put some flowers out. I love gardening!!!


  8. Me, too, me too!!! I just bought 70 strawberry plants! Can't wait to get them planted!Hmmm. Great idea with the catnip. I should get some going, too. My cats would be ever so happy!


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