How much fish would a kitcat eat if a kitcat would eat fish?

What was your worst cooking experience?

Many years ago I bought a fish.
It was a perfectly fine, fishy looking fish, a bonito.
It looked just like a fish you'd draw, except that it was very round and solid.
I didn't think it looked all that big when I bought it, so I got the whole fish.
I hadn't ever bought a whole fish before, so the fact that it was like five or six pounds didn't bother me.
("Is that a lot of fish?")
I roasted it for dinner, and it looked like a perfectly okay roasted fish.

What I didn't know (then) was that bonito is a very heavy, greasy fish — like tuna (which I also just don't like).
It was like one bite and just no thank you.
So salad and mashed potatoes for dinner. Okay.
But there we were with what was at least five pounds of inedible fish.
What a dilemma.

Well, we did have four cats….
And they had no problem at all with bonito.
We just chopped it into bits and let the games begin.
Kitties thought we had run mad, but weren't complaining.
It was actually sort-of cool.
They pretty much finished it all off.
They were all sleek skinny little tuxedo kitties, but when they finished their bellies bulged.
And they slept for about twenty hours straight.

So anyway, the answer seems to be a bit over a pound apiece.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. I liked that story. 🙂


  2. That is a recycling story also! Mine like chicken when you pull it apart in strings. They drag little bits all over the house and then go around and collect them. Or at least most of them.


  3. Awww, how sweet! so the fish wasn't wasted after all.Bulging kitty bellies!


  4. That's like that Japanese video that was on CO where they were "testing" to see how big a fish the kittehs could carry off.Happy plump tuxies. Kept them quiet for a while too. Hmmm….


  5. Hooray for kitties! I always try to share a bit of the fish with my baby when Husband isn't looking.


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