Let’s see (this should be gruesome)

Ah, the dreaded vox transfer ATE a little graphic for  statcounter, showing that I had had 271 visitors since April 12, 2007.

I said it would be gruesome.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Lauowolfie! 🙂


  2. howdy!Can you help me???I went to the blog that tells you how to set up this counter — but when he says "create a post" does he mean "compose"??? — Because I don't have anything that's "create a post" — and when I go to "compose", there's NOTHING "to the right of collections" (where he tells you to "hit the embed button"…Can you give me any help with this???


  3. If I sit here and hit 'reload', I can move your count up. Hee. Oops – sorry for skewing any results in this highly scientific research study.
    I may have missed something, though, as I've never seen this before. You East Coasters are hard to keep up with.


  4. oooh oooh oooh! — I finally figured it out lauowolf ! — nevermind!&:o)


  5. Took me several passes at it too.Probably because I'm on the West coast…


  6. You must get up way earlier than I do… 🙂
    But I still have no idea where this came from.


  7. I sent a message too, but you'll find it at Zantus's vox.I'd put up a link, but I'm incompetent and haven't figured out how to do that.(Ha! YGRS – I'm sure I've seen links on your pages – I win the most incompetent prize!)


  8. I'm so incompetent, while I was trying unsuccessfully to upload music, I lost all sound on my laptop. *poof* gone. Now I have to spend even more time checking out the interwebs at work.
    Thanks for the note and the help!


  9. You're utterly brave.I haven't tried doing music ever.It's my next big unknown country.(I think I'll try to get an ipod for my birthday — lots of lead time there — and do the whole figuring out the music thing in one fell swoop.)


  10. Yay! You are doing well! Is everyone sitting on their blog pages hitting "refresh"?I haven't tried to get this to work on mine cuz it will take me forever and then I'll keep checking it and….well, you know.I haven't been able to post songs yet. I finally got pictures down. 😛 and some links. Sausage.


  11. you guys should stop off in the middle we got some killer ideas. lol


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