Waaaaah! I wanna show my results too!


I'm a considerate inventor.
But I can't get my pretty dna thingy to copy over here.

It has lots of colors.
You'll just have to take my word on it.

Interesting thing is I kept having to go back and retake it (a long story involving firefox applications and my mail thingy not working).
Four times, and I still come up with the same thing — only little minor shifts, like either 0 or 6% authoritative — but by and large everything else is the same.

I guess my only question is what is the purple, and how big a hunk does Little Miao get?

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5 responses to this post.

  1. wow, that's consistent!I finally figured out how to get it to work (after wasting goodness knows how long…). If you check the "vox beta tester" box in "my account", you'll have an embed button in the compose window. Just paste your dna there.Also, the beta tester thing will change the bar right at the top of your page.


  2. Uh….i was told there would be no math?Maybe I'll try it tomorrow, after I get all the begging letters for the next raffle in the mail.


  3. Apparently there's an easier way! Lauri says " I had to go to a spot on the quiz where it said to get this is html click "here"." It was right there all along, but of course I wasted 30 minutes not finding it and ended up doing it the hard way.


  4. Wow, Considerate Inventor. That's a pretty cool title, too. I haven't really heard any negative ones yet!


  5. Lauowolf, LM and Lauri are right. I bypassed the "Vox beta tester/embed button" complexity by clicking on the blue word "here" on the test result page. I wasted a lot of time trying to copy and paste the code (didn't work). But if you click on the "here" link you end up on a second page where the code will copy and paste successfully. Eh. So it was really an IQ test, not a personality test…and guess who flunked? Ha ha!


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