If you knew me from before, you’d never recognize me now.

Hey, I AM an egg with a human face.
New avatar!

This is spooky.
It changes them all the way back!
So now it doesn't show the old orange head anymore, even on old posts.
I'm disoriented.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. I know, it is spooky, isn't it? What it amounts to is there's no escaping your tawdry commenting past. The trail follows you everywhere on Vox till you finally keel over at your keyboard. Not that any of us has ever posted a comment we wish we hadn't… *looks shifty eyed*


  2. Now I have to revise my mental image of you.


  3. Well it's still not dreadfully accurate, but closer.(eyes, nose, that sort of thing)


  4. That's what I hate about it. And if you change your display name, same thing. I have actually deleted people from my neighborhoods who changed their icons or names too often. (Not that you are in danger…we're talking people who changed them every day, day after day.) I'll miss the old QMH.


  5. It's a good thing I got over my worst icon-changing phase a while ago. Now I just change it occasionally. Please don't delete me, Redz!


  6. "I have actually deleted people from my neighborhoods who changed their icons or names too often." Errr…gulp. 😦


  7. I think the name change is the confusingest when people do that. LM with chinese characters is recognizable and IG has been posting face shots, also easily recognizable. I usually have one of my mangatards or whatever, Nosy Elvy, and now the Unitard (it just fits my latest mood) I think if you keep changing it every day, it just gets a little harder to eyeball who the person is w/o reading the name. I changed my screen name a few times at the beginning which confused people for a bit. right now though AmyH & I have avatards that are similar in color scheme & I have to look twice before I realize. That's it, I am gonna change mine back. I'm through being a unitard.


  8. aw shucks,I was just thinking, gee I could go changing this and it would be fun.I know, pathetic.


  9. Harharhar. Avatards, cp. Good!I, too, think it's weird that they can't leave the old ones with the old posts. What's up with that?Technology can't handle THAT????Let's start bugging the techies on this one! Mariser!!! Brokenperfect!!! Fix these retarded avatards!!!


  10. May I also add, lauowolf, that you are also disorangiented.


  11. This isn't much of a problem for me. I think I've changed my avatar a grand total of ONCE, and that was months ago.


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