Some People get kittens, I get this

Here's our latest acquisition.

One of the kids in back came knocking at our door on her way home from work because there was a baby possum out front on the sidewalk.
She thought it was sick or injured because it was walking funny, but it was just that possums are like that.
When we went out to look, it was this little guy.

He was lively enough waddling into the lavender bed to hide.
If I were more together I'd have run for the camera then, because he was pretty cute climbing up into the lavendar to hide.
The entire rescue took about ten minutes, and it took three tries to get him.
Not so much that he was a clever hider (ha), or fast or anything, but that I didn't want to be grabbing at him a lot or scaring him too badly.

1) No, he's not old enough to be lured with cat food.
2) I chickened out on picking him up with gardening gloves on, because I wasn't sure I wouldn't have to grab him and was afraid I might hurt him.

I had disassembled my old rat catching collection (clear plastic shoe box, with cookie sheet to slip under it), and it wouldn't have fit in among the lavender plants anyway without a great ruckus and breaking of plants.

3) I used the jar from the blender to catch him against the ground, and then worked a thick hand towel under him to hold him inside. Then poured him gently into this box with some dish towels.

Oh joy. We've had his larger kin visiting off and on for a couple of years (Ick a Possum and his even bigger friend Ack a Possum),
This one is Awww da Widdle Possum.

Poor thing was trembling, I think both because of us and the cold, and his ears were vibrating.
And he hissed sort-of fearsomely a couple of times.
I think momma must have dropped him last night, and he's been wandering since.
They aren't terribly attentive mothers that way, and she has other young at this point.
I can't leave him out for her to find, because I think the neighborhood cats and dogs (and raccoons) would beat her to him.

So he's off to the wonderful people at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.
I checked their website, and they do take orphaned possums, less than 8" nose to base of tail, and this little guy is more like 5-6".

He's pretty calm in the box, with the top folded loosely it's dark and warm and quiet.
I think he's just waiting for mom to come back now.

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Aww, what a cutie! I hope he settles in well at the museum.


  2. You're so good to rescue the little guy. And I love your possum names. Does the whole neighborhood know to come to you with animal concerns?


  3. awwww da widdle possum!!! They are a little scary when they are bigger, but I still think they are kind of cute in general. The bebe is just prosh. poor little dewd, i hope he does okay!
    Back at the Raccoon Roost they caught a possum or 2 in the live trap. The one time it was in the afternoon, and I went over to him to see it and he bared his teef, I was all, *snicker* ooh, you so scary!
    good luck to him!


  4. Some people get kittens, some people get possums, and I get a house.Houses. Are. Not. Cute.


  5. Brown Suga' — hey, but a possum doesn't keep the rain off.Laurie — Yeah, it's a student neighborhood, so we look settled and (cough) knowledgeable by contrast. And most of the other permanent resident types are a bit more unapproachable.So we've done rabbit rescue, cats in trees, raccoon rescue, bird rescue and rodent relocation.


  6. My brother used to call them 'grinners' because they look like they are smiling when they hiss at you. Or so he says. I usually gave them a wide berth.


  7. Look at those ears! He's so cute!


  8. Awwww da widdle possum is totally sweet! He's in good hands with you and I'm glad he's out of harm's way. I love possies.


  9. I wonder at what age they learn to "play possum"? From your description of the rescue operation, it sounds like A da WP didn't play possum. Yay for rescuers like you and rehabbers like the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.


  10. How they can be so cute at this stage and grow up to be those Damn Stupid Giant Stupid Possum-Ass !@#$%^& 's is a mystery. (I have possum Issues dating back to the MomTux days, as you might remember)Good on ya for rescuing the little guy. I love the measurement restrictions. "You must be THIS small to be taken in by us".


  11. Update,Tom took da bebe to Lindsay.They looked at it and asked whether we'd take it back if they didn't keep it. (Yes.)And they took a good look at it, and let it walk around a little, and decided they should keep it.(Hard to tell with a possum whether it is a baby and clueless, or just clueless.)They suggest we go looking to see if there are others about somewhere. (Will do, after we continue with the to-be-described great car fiasco.)And it is a she.(I wasn't about to get all that personal with the little thing.)


  12. Awwwwwwww. A Widdle She Possum.She really is adorable. They are pretty goofy when they get grown up and try to "scare" you. I had one get blocked into my chicken coop one night. I shut the chickens in for the night, and he was in there. I opened the door next morning and here is Possum curled up in the straw snoring away. He didn't even wake up. I got a huge rubbermaid trashcan and kind of tried to get him to walk into it. He just grinned at me and hissed. So I grabbed his tail and really quickly picked him up and plopped him into the can. Popped the lid on and drove him down the road to the woods and let him go. He walked off into the off with that goofy tail poking out. What funny critters!


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