Clean Spoons, anyone?

Greasy spoon just isn't a category that abounds in Berkeley.
There are killer breakfast places though.
Bette's Oceanview Diner does an herb omelet I would challenge anyone to beat.
(I'm still working on replicating it at home and failing sadly.)
Or their California breakfast — Canadian bacon, English muffin, poached eggs and a light house-made Hollandaise sauce, with home fries to die for.
Or souffle-like apple pancakes with real maple syrup.
They do lunches too.
Sauteed fresh fish of some kind usually.
And milk shakes that are ice cream based.

But it still isn't a greasy spoon.
It's really clean, and not open 24 hours either.
But I do love it.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. We must adapt to the greasy spoons we are given, alas, I know your pain.


  2. Are you trying to kill me, lauowolf? Apple pancakes — milkshakes… And the things I would give to have that breakfast miraculously appear in front of me right now. Canadian bacon, poached eggs and a proper Hollandaise sauce, omg. *wipes up drool*


  3. And did I mention that their service is great?And their coffee is perfect, and they come around with it exactly as often as they should? (They don't bug you, but your cup isn't ever empty.)And squeeze they their orange juice fresh right there?Oh, and they are just down the street from the Cody's Books that didn't close.And a really good music store.Or you could do a yoga class next door first.


  4. wait–is this the one on Fourth Street??


  5. Yes, they are wonderful.


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