Did I need to be thinking about this?

From feministing.com

March 07, 2007

Nipple beauty standards

Who knew?

Apparently Benefit–which
is probably my favorite makeup company–is touting their Benetint blush
(above) as something to enhance your nipple color.

In just one more sign of the stripperization of the
Everywoman, Benefit’s Benetint, conceived in the seventies for an
exotic dancer to color lips and cheeks, is now also being sold at
Sephora and elsewhere as a “kiss-proof and water-resistant” nipple
tint. “Women want nipples to be pert and fresh-looking, and this shade
makes them appear that way,” Benefit spokeswoman Alison Haljun says.
“For a long time, the idea of a ripe, rosy nipple has been considered
appealing and alluring.’’

Not only is this just, well, ick…it also sets the nipple beauty
ideal as light skinned. I mean, you have to be pretty fair to have
"rosy" nipples, no? Anyway, ick.

Posted by Jessica at 04:07 PM

Yet another way in which I am failing to make the best (product?) of myself.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh for crying out loud. I am truly enjoying myself since I sit back, watch the adverts and say Bullshit to all of it.BULL shit. My nipples are just grand.


  2. Hear hear, Lauri! how utterly, completely inane this is. I hope this product goes belly-up, and soon.


  3. ugh. and ick.


  4. GROSS!!! BLECH!!!
    I'm happy with mine, thankyouverymuch. "Benefits" can shove this up their ass.


  5. Nipple tinting (it bothers me to type those words) was big back in the day of powdered wigs and arsenic-laced face powders. Will they be making a comeback as well? Foot binding perhaps? Ugh. This world…


  6. Foot binding.It doesn't need that much of a comecack.I've now dealt with four little old ladies essentially crippled from wearing heels for a lifetime.It hasn't gone far..(Grabbing her Birkies to go dancing into that good night instead.)


  7. What the hell?


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