Daylight Savings Time Gives Me the Willies

Cartoon from the last time they monkeyed with Daylight Savings Time, back in the 70's:
Nixon cutting a strip off the end of a blanket,
Starts sewing it back on the other end,
"There, now it's much longer."

Anyway, I didn't crawl into my hole for good after all.
I just had a final nasty flare-up of the flu. right in time for the ballet fund-raiser.
I went by the office to help set-up — after ten days of crud I'm finally recovering — and they look at me and say,
"Wow, you look awful."
So anyway, I'm all antibiotic eye drops for the oozing ick, and cough syrup, and aspirins, and (real) sudafeds, just so I can walk around and seem marginally functional.
It all went well, and we made scads of money (relatively).
I didn't die.
It was just a malign joke of the universe to have the clocks go forward that same night.

But it's been a nice couple of days recovering.
One of the silent auction things we got was a group of about 30 CDs and DVDs of ballet and classical music.
So I've just watched three different performances of Giselle.
It may be my favorite ballet — it's not all royalty and primpcesses, not everyone dies at the end, and its final message is forgiveness.
And who doesn't like crowds of dancing, vengeful undead women?

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Well, I'm REALLY glad you didn't die! 😉 And fund-raiser people, on your appearance: Don't 'cha love 'em?? LOL! Thanks ALOT, right? I'm glad you're finally on the mend though. The flu/cold season sucks.I'm really gonna have to finally see a ballet. Between you and brownamazon, I'm realizing my arts education is sorely lacking this piece. Any suggestions on what to see first? Nutcracker?


  2. Nutcrackers are a bit iffy — they've become a standard family with young children holiday outing.It makes for a hard audience unless you have a high tolerance for noise.I think if I were starting out I would definitely track down a video to preview before I went to a performance.One question, too, is whether you think you'd like the basic lavish story ballets (Cinderella, Giselle, Don Quixote, and the like) or more abstract modern-y bits.I started out thinking I would like the more traditional stuff, but find myself really drawn to more current programs.


  3. I love Giselle, even though I've seen it only on PBS. GLad you're feeling more among the living, lw!


  4. bring on the crowds of dancing, vengeful undead women!


  5. I just saw The Forsythe Company the other night; and Alvin Ailey DT two weeks ago. Musicchick, you might like Sleeping Beauty. Or even one of the Balanchine ballets. Like Jewels.


  6. Jewels is definitely great.


  7. Well honestly, I don't know. I've seen opera: La Cenerentola (Cinderella), Il Barber de Seville (sp?) (Barber of Seville)… there are 2 more but my memory hard drive is having trouble retrieving it. :-/ So those are basic lavish story operas, right? What are the modern programs like? Like a number of selections on a CD, each a story or poem or thought all in one dance? Sorry… I really am completely clueless about ballet (OBviously!) I should educate myself online to at least understand the stories or themes of the different performances.When we went to see La Cenerentola at the San Francisco Opera, I was joined by my boss/friend (we ran a Zales Jewelers in San Mateo..Fashion Island? Can't remember) and a married couple who were friends of his. My boss wasn't exactly a "corporate" guy…..I and the other lady were wearing BEAUTIFUL diamond chokers (mine was diamond & ruby), matching earrings, and a broach at the cleavage. It looked right with the dress….dress was very simple, classic. And we didn't even turn into pumpkins when the clock struck midnight! LOL. It was one of the more memorable evenings in my life. Right up there with seeing Phantom of the Opera live. Twice.


  8. I've heard alot of wonderful things about the Alvin Alley dance company, and I believe I've seen brief pieces on tv. That's what you'd consider contemporary, correct? I've seen snippets of Nutcracker on tv as well, and it looks like quite an elaborate production. So some ballet tells a story, like an opera, right? Sorry I'm so woefully ignorant about this.Do either you or Lauowolf know if Jewels is available on DVD? I'd assume that watching a ballet on DVD is SO much less impressive than in person.


  9. Cool! You guys are going to get me interested in ballet and opera, now! I have broadened so many horizons since running across you folks on CO and Vox!Also, this flu season DOES suck. I have had 101 fever for the last two days. Finally feeling better…sinus crap. CRAP!!!!ANYway…we have survived!! On to the next season! 😀


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