fqotd? Sticks and Stones….

fqotd?  Did I ever get beat up at recess?

Well recess wasn't where people got beat up.
There were teachers on duty.
Kids could do exclusion and name-calling, but flat-out fights would draw too much attention.
It was getting home from school that was the problem.

There was one kid and her friend who lived between my house and the school, and they were awful.
Mostly I just tried to avoid them, but that didn't always work.'
Then they started throwing stones.
Which made me mad.

What they didn't know was that one reason I was bully-able was that I was getting seriously beat-on at home by an older sister.
(Self esteem issues much?)
But anyway, as a result I was used to no-hold barred, all-out fights with someone bigger and meaner than me.

So when the worm turned, they were not ready for it, and I probably hurt them.
I don't remember the actual fight.
But one of the moms called my mom to complain about how I had mistreated her precious.
Most of this had been occurring far below the adult radar.
But now, in the face of parental intervention, I explained about the stone throwing.
So my father phoned back, explaining that throwing rocks was unacceptable
(and it had been rocks, not pebbles — we're talking about psychopaths of tomorrow).
And mentioned cops and lawyers and words like assault.
After which they avoided me like the plague.
It didn't make things okay, but it ended the prospect of serious physical harm

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Oooo. Good story! Good fqotd! 🙂


  2. wow, that's hard core, lauowolf. i'm sorry you had that experience, but glad it ended before anything worse happened. good for you for standing up for yourself.


  3. Good dad bringing the law into it, scare the sh*t out of those ignorant parents. Self-esteem issues?! Toss'em out–we lubs you.


  4. Indeed. The walk home was the danger zone. A group of us walked in a pack to avoid the evil little assassins out there, ready to pounce. Days when more than one kid was out with the flu meant a hard run through the cemetery, praying that the back gate wasn't locked shut. Glad you came out the other side in one piece.


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