Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen….

First celebrity crush.
I am so damn old it needs footnoting.
Anyway, here he is.
I spent just any amount of time running around in the woods pretending to shoot arrows at bad guys.
Hey and really learning how to shoot arrows too — narrowly missing the guy across the street.

Anyway, He was utterly cool.
Turns out the program was put together by a bunch of blacklisted Hollywood lefties, so it was actually all anti-authoritarian, and wealth redistributing and all.

And not a lupine in sight.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. RICHARD GREENE!! [heart starts pounding, faints] Nothing kept me away from the tv every afternoon at 4:30.We are of one mind, lauowolf.


  2. Oh, and I know all the words too.Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen.Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his Merry Men!Steals from the rich,Gives to the poor,Robin Hooooood, Robin Hoood, Robin Hooood!Did I leave anything out?


  3. It was on at 4:00 in D.C.I always had to run to be home.Clearly I was doomed to be a medievalist from an early age.Anyway, you must check these out.Makes you a little more respectful of your grade school self.(Some day I will learn to make proper links for people, but today isn't the day.) here:


  4. GET OUT!! After I did #1 comment I sent it and thought, Oh, I think it was on at 4, not 4:30. Why did I think that? Because I was watching it in ROCKVILLE, MD!! We both sat happily in front of the blue light, neighbors, at 4 every afternoon.


  5. Oh my.I was watching it in College Park.Then we moved to Cheverly(Hills, that is…. Ooops, wrong coast)Where all the second graders were wearing training bras and soooo not wanting to run around in backyards thwarting the evil sheriff.So, did you guys get Captain Tugg too?


  6. Lol! This is so funny to hear you guys! I, too, loved Robin and his merry men, and robbing from the rich and stealing from the poor.Do you guys remember Scarecrow? He was a Robin Hood type dude, too. I was in third grade when my friends and I played Scarecrow games. (Song) Scarecrow, scarecro-ow, the soldiers of the King feared his name.Scarecrow, scarecrow, the simple folk all loved him just the same…..I usually got to be the one who played his horse, Belle. (I think…or Bella)


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