Paperwork. And more paperwork. Oh joy.

I've spent half the day looking at admissions sites for colleges for next year.
We home school, so most of this we have to figure out for ourselves.
(I'm currently setting up year-long calendar for upcoming SAT dates, application deadlines, and other nightmares.)

And of course my kid does music, math, and dance, so all the stuff I know doesn't much apply.
Anybody have a good urban university they like?
…maybe if I just hide for the next eight or nine months it'll all be done when I come back.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. ah, I remember when I did all that college application business (and then grad school applications, ugh). Good luck! It can be very fun, imagining what it would be like to study (or for your kids to study) at different places.(of course, what I remember most about it is the stress, rather than the fun…)


  2. Oh dear…my applying for university days flew by so fast! My three kids were three and a half years apart, so it all seemed to happen at once.But, Michigan State University was first choice for two of them.Oakland U. worked out fantastic for the third. Smaller, more personalized and he loves it there!It all feels very stressful while you are going through it, but be assured that as you and your child give it your best, it all DOES work out! And in a great way!Best of luck!


  3. Paperwork is bad. But liquor is good. Get started.


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