Ladies-in-Waiting attend the Royal Nap-In

Well, the ladies decided to attend, but the gentlemen cats are nowhere to be found.
Maybe they thought it was a ladies only nap-in.
9:12 Pacific time and they're still sleeping hard.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. and what beautiful ladies they are! I believe Ping's Royal Nap is still in progress, with a couple breaks for munchies this evening. Kitties can't nap on an empty stomach,after all. Heh, if only I could have a 20 hour catnap!


  2. As soon as I posted this, they both took a kitchen break.They're back now.


  3. Hmmm… Tipper and Pooh didn't get the memo about the silk damask cushions and footstools. They just took their little sleeping bag (one, 'cause they really love cuddling up). But they're macho guys anyway. They don't need no steeenking silk cusheeeens!;-)


  4. Silmi the tortie is on a cat bed on top of the sewing.She is selflessly protecting me from any strange and sudden impulse to work on my mending.(As well as applying Kitty Kompression to all the fabric, to make it easier to work with.)


  5. Lol… it's so funny how cats protect us from wasting time on needless things like mending and making beds. My bed stays unmade for the most part simply because I don't have the heart to disturb the cats who are all cuddled up together. Such warm, soft little things!


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