I don’t send cards, but if I did–..

Cards in the mood of the holiday:


Fat. Naked.

is I think my favorite.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. I like "You'll Do".
    Boyfriend bought me a turqoise necklace a couple of weeks ago for no particular reason. Somehow we both became convinced that it was a V-Day gift. So I guess he'll do, also.


  2. Aubrey, you betcha!!!I found a bottle of wine my hubby has been wanting a couple of weeks ago. No waiting for VD. I gave it to him right away! I will not be manipulated by VD!


  3. lauowolf, these cards ROCK!


  4. Yeah,I'm a complete cream puff about anytime presents.(Nice wine, cool, turquoises very cool.)But things like Valentine's Day seriously annoy me.


  5. Presents and thoughtfulness all year, I say!! That's the best way.


  6. Those are fantastic! It's a day late, but I sent the 'Fat. Naked. Dangerous.' and the 'At Least my cat loves me' to a couple of friends.


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