Cool, clean water.

What did I dream last night?

I have trouble remembering sometimes, but I do have a shred of the end of it.
It was sunny and warm.
I had been watering my lawn — which is odd to begin with, since I don't have one — and it was sort-of parched.
So I kept watering it until there was a lot of warm water on the scanty grass.

It was very visual, with the dried thatch at the bottom of the plants, and hard dirt showing between the plants.
There were several inches of standing water on the ground, with the grass blades standing up under water.
And somehow the water was making little guppies hatch, and then there were guppies swimming in the water.
They were brightly colored, swimming around the grass blades.

Then I started wondering about whether I was wasting water.
But if I turned off the hose what would happen to the guppies?
And then I was actually starting to worry about the dilemma, and that was when I was awake.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I like your dream! Wanna trade?


  2. Yeah, but you have to figure out how to save all the guppies.


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